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Congress Holds First Hearing on Banning Fracking; Too Bad It’s A Circus


Congress Holds First Hearing on Banning Fracking; Too Bad It’s A Circus

Wenonah Hauter

If it wasn’t about the future of the planet, I’d laugh at the chutzpah. One day after Earth Day, the GOP-led House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, chaired by Texas Congressman Lamar Smith (recipient of more than $600,000 from the oil and gas industry) held a hearing about efforts to ban fracking.


If Saudi Arabia holds to their current strategy the shale gas industry could suffer a high rate of attrition, despite the efforts of the best politicians that money can buy. But the rigs will just be mothballed and will reappear when the Saudis relent. The House of Saud are pushers and we’re their captured addicts. Insanely honest George Bush said it - we’re addicted to oil.

But maybe they’re much more sinister than mere dope pushers? Perhaps we should take their Wahhabism into our conscience, not as an aberration but an ultimate statement of policy towards us and ours? They will see us destroyed or subservient to an Islamic caliphate of the crescent, and our addiction is the tool they use against us. C’mon now admit it, the man has made it a lot easier to get our gas fix cheap, eh? Our friends, the Saudis; dog bless the barrels they floated here on.


Thank you, Ms. Hauter.

In a nation where the Presidency is for sale, where corporate conservative interests own and control mass media (i.e. The Public’s Air Waves), and where academe relies on “the generous contributions” of industrial moguls… added to the aftermath of a deregulatory phase that disarmed most government “quality control” agencies, is it any wonder that the greatest trespassers get to tell U.S. their products are perfectly safe when they are not?

Just as the Bush Junta knew what legal “scholars” to call to use jujitsu to turn torture into “enhanced interrogation” and thereby violate the spirit of the Geneva Conventions (and established law), corporations hire scientists willing to assert that the earth is flat; that there is no such thing as manmade-caused global warming; and that this fiery frack water is perfectly safe to drink!

What with media owned by the same corporate class, no real airtime will be given for a counter-narrative nor anything so bold as the exposure of inconvenient truth. Nope. Not for The Homeland’s homegrown propaganda system where advertisers play the role of Goebbels and friends in coming up with charming slogans, a/k/a lies told often.

What protector of GENUINE public health was invited to the decision-making table when Obama “health care” was being hammered out into law?

What public advocate is involved with hammering out the TPP or TIPP?

Was Nader or Sanders allowed to challenge the bailout to Wall Street?

And what ACTUAL public representatives get to weigh in on Energy policies and when NOT to go to war?

ALL of the once working facets of a striving-towards-Democratic system have been gummed up by Big Money. It clogs all canals, impedes Truth from getting out when not threatening prison time to those who shoot footage of its acts or blow expository whistles.

It’s all theater, Versailles crossed with the Inquisition crossed with The Fourth Reich. In SANE!


Sioux Rose 11, you are absolutely right. Your comments reflect my own feelings, as well as those of many others. Whatever happened to the idea that our representatives in Congress would represent the people? How long can they get away with this catering to the big corporations? Let’s throw the bums out – all of them!