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Congress Is Deadlocked on Covid Relief But Came Together to Fund the Pentagon for $740 Billion

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/04/congress-deadlocked-covid-relief-came-together-fund-pentagon-740-billion


Yup, the neoliberals won the election.


This Congress is Complicit. Both parties.

WTFU America, they pulled the wool over your eyes again.


Sorry dude it’s not Congress ----it’s the SICKO American people who elect these assholes. How many children died in Venezuela yesterday from US sanctions-----?----NOT ONE CANDIDATE IN THIS ELECTION SPOKE OUT AGAINST THESE SANCTIONS IN ANY REAL WAY.

We see that over 70 million people supported an Authoritarian for President-----We live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE----and it seems most people are ok with this.


Sorry dude. Most people are not OK with this.

In a country of 330 million, only 74 million have lost their minds.

We both agree it’s the American people who are responsible for supporting this Duopoly, Illusion, however, until there’s an option other than these two corrupt, warmongering political parties, the Zombies of America will continue to be addicted to them.


No gridlock on the imperial gate

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Yesterday, NPR was frothing at the mouth with joy and delight that a bi-partisan bill had passed both chambers. They couldn’t say enough about all the glorious things the killing war machine can now do. They were concerned though that Trump might veto this wonderful bi-partisan effort.

We can always count on National Propaganda Radio to do the right thing for We the People (sarcasm).


NPR…sickening…National Party Radio, National Propaganda Radio… All that you here on NPR is Covid, vaccines,etc…as the famous German propagandist said the more that you tell someone something the more that they believe it… This rogue government is out of control and one day all will wake up to a bankrupt country…USA…a 3rd world country…this NPR monopolizes many public wave channels… they long ago stopped serving the public good…do yourself a favor and stop listening to their dangerous rhetoric, subtle, yet dangerous, it will change the hearts and minds of the ones who are not wary and skeptical… NPR is a useful tool to go after the so-called progressives and the ones on the left…


America is run by war pigs. Both parties in our one party system are funded and dominated by these same criminals. This has been the case my whole life. This is simply more proof. People who know nothing but killing, can not be expected to somehow learn to save life. People who imagine somehow killers will change are the deranged ones though, as they remain passive, as if talking helps. Get active, locally. Bring our kids who are being trained to kill home, and help them learn to value life. We will need their help against the robots.


Exactly, but in my view, the reason so many people are ok with it is: THEY ARE LIKE THE GOOD GERMANS WERE IN NAZI, GERMANY…THEY DO NOT REALIZE IT…YET!


Yes, I agree. I would amend it from most people to too many people.

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Why is there always $$$$$$$ for America’s bogus enemies and bogus wars? Because congress has been and is nothing, with very few exceptions, war mongering sycophants and obsequious quislings that enable Amerika to be the Fourth Reich backed by the Fourth Estate.


As they have since 1980 (at least). St. Ronald crowed “It’s morning in America” as he crushed labor unions and began the rapid growth of wealth inequality, along with building up the US military, all with bipartisan support. Just look at the stock market. It’s still a glorious day…if you’re already rich.


A modest proposal: Expand the Defense Department so it’s really doing that. Include health representatives to evaluate and respond to threats like Covid-19, environmental experts to evaluate and respond to threats like climate change, people’s representatives to evaluate the threats to our democracy from obscene levels of wealth inequality, economic injustice and racism. Hash out the relative threats and allocate resources accordingly.

Of course, one might say that this is what Congress is supposed to be doing. But it isn’t.

Alternatively, how about changing the name back from the “Department of Defense” to the “War Department.” At least it would restore some honesty about where that trillion dollars a year is going.


What’s new…? The Demublicans made a bipartisan decision. Happens all the time…

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You see the same I see, Shantiananda…

Do you have my vote?
If I were to run for office, this would be my platform:

  1. Cut the military spend by 50% each year from the last.
  2. Implement a Medicare for All System… with funding coming from all businesses that operate in the USA either domestic or foreign-owned… based on company headcount.’
  3. Immediate shut down all Nuclear Power Reactors, all of them and do not provide subisidies to their owners…and then dry-cast storage on-site of all the nuclear Waste…
  4. Immediately decommission all Nuclear Weapons, all of them; starting first with the ICBMs…prior to this, develop new nuke weapons treaties…and start this unitlatterally on the weapons shut down.
  5. Shut down first all of the older Coal Fire Plants…l
  6. Start an Apollo-style moonshot program on conservation and energy efficiency projects…
  7. Ban all Fracking and all 5 G projects.
  8. Immediately ban all Solar-Radiation-Management climate engineering projects and let the Earth’s natural systems rebalance its systems.
  9. Immediately ban all subsidies for large scale agriculture and the fossil fuel industry.
  10. Joe…are you paying attention.

11… What have I missed?


Thanks Harry_Pjotr for your kind reply. Shanti

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Yes you would have my vote but you would never be allowed in office and if by some miracle you did you would never be able to get con/gress to cut the military budget by 10% let alone 50%!

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Got my vote