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Congress Just Voted to Make Me a Second-Class Citizen


Congress Just Voted to Make Me a Second-Class Citizen

Mehrdad Azemun

I still remember the day that my family and I became American citizens. We emigrated from Iran and had wound our way through this country’s arcane immigration system for 14 years. After filling out countless forms, enduring endless waits in INS offices and taking the citizenship exam, we were finally ready. We got into our brand new Toyota and drove to a small courthouse in Danville, Illinois, where we raised our right hands and were sworn in. Just months later, I was so excited to get my navy-blue covered passport in the mail.


" The ancient Greeks invented the term demagogue. "Demos Agogos" meaning the one leading the people.

Also the ancient Greeks invented the term politics, meaning: poli, which means many; and tics, which means, blood sucking leeches.

Both are appropriate terms for Trump! And too many others to name here!


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It took a major war and the bankrupting of the UK to defeat Hitler. Yes, demagogues such as Trump can be beaten. Best, though, to nip them in the bud.


TickKs are insects which bury into the skin. It is far more easy to get rid of leeches than it is to remove a tick.


Its not Trump. He is simply a figurehead. True, his words have stirred up a lot of reactions. But he is not the source. It is only because many people already feel this way that they react "positively" to his words. They resonate with what he says because they already feel this way. He is simply the catalyst that crystalizes what was already there.


People in the media condemn Trump-Yet it is the media that drives fear,division,hate and racism. From JFK's 61 speech. The media have a responsibility to the American people granted by the constitution,to tell the american people the truth.


Thanks for a thoughtful article.

I wish it had contained more specifics on how the new laws work and affect US citizens. That could be helpful for enlightening the occasional 'bigoted dimwit' who shows up here from time to time.


This is what happens to "our" country when "we" let in those immigrants in - - thoughtful, articulate, better-than-born-here understanding of the values of this country. The best of "our" values seen in action in this country seem to show up from those who worked to get here. It becomes their country.

Note also that the great city of New York, the ever-so-American city is nearly (37.5%) forty-percent foreign born. I didn't see a Wiki number for who many were US-born but not NYC born). Who doesn't know someone "from" New York or someone who lived locally, went to New York for a number of years and returned. Merging knowledge and cultures and styles and talents from a constant infusion of transient (short to long transients) talent are what keep New York a vital and universal human magnet. Otherwise it would just be a very provincial place (which sometimes it can be).


Kierkegaard aptly described the reason that the Trump phenomenon is happening when he wrote in the 19th century:
“The capacity of the newspaper for degeneration is sophistically without limit, since it can always sink lower and lower in its choice of readers. At last it will stir up all those dregs of humanity which no state or government can control.” How much more easily done with TV and a 24 hour news cycle.