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Congress Must Do Much, Much, Much More to Help Tens of Millions Unemployed

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/21/congress-must-do-much-much-much-more-help-tens-millions-unemployed

At least 40 million murkins won’t get their $1200 stimulus until June or July despite tens of thousands of deceased murkins already having received theirs in April (no mistake, either. The warrants or checks have a “deceased” notation just like the $300 payouts in 2009 did).

Its obvious that Congress is worsening, not improving many murkins’ financial condition.

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I don’t believe these unemployment numbers whether quoted by the left or right or BLS. Probably 2 or 3 times as large or more.


There has been a plan to effectuate a huge shift of developed country jobs from indigenous wokers to developing country subcontractors planned for a very long time, that is only beginning to get underway in the US, it’s planning goes back to 1986 or even earlier.

I think the first formal announcement was the Declaration of Punta Del Este, Uruguay, on September 20 1986. This is where services were made tradable, turning 80% of the jobs in a modern economy into bargaining chips in wht is often described as a global game. So COVID-19 comes along at a convenient time in that this huge sea change which has been the subject of repeated negotiations stretching back more than 30 years, which is about to take off, our entry into it having been effectuated by the URAA on December 8, 1994, which will likely represent the end of the middle class as we knew it will be easy to blame on COVID-19 (instead of on services liberalization).

For an overview of what I am talking about, see “The Basic Economics of the Services Trade” by B. Copeland, and many others. It will likely leave a lot of people jobless with no prospects, the wages in their respective fields having been changed dramatically due to the shift. You’ll see the same graph repeated over and over in papers like the above but the proprtions are all wrong as far as the differentials of wages. The reality is that wages in many of the labor supplying countries is a small fraction of what they are here, not half. So it may be a really big change. Luckily for the guest workers, (typically recent grads with MS degrees) most of them are quite well off and can afford to work for years for very low wages in order to get their starts in professional life) I think people need to think long and hard about this deal because its really economic suicide for this country and the middle class all around the world. If only people realized this was coming. A 2016 dispute in the WTO that will likely be decided in the next Presidential term could give the WTO control over migration for labor , everywhere. Ending visa quotas, (the case is really about the quotas, not the fees)

So having COVID-19 to blame this on coming as it does now, really must be giving a lot of very rich people a BIG sigh of relief. Also Bernie Sanders loss to Biden. I dont know what would have happened if Bernie had won, probably a big confrontation over all this with the various countries in the WTO - with them wanting lots of compensation for their alleged lost expected profits. The US might have been able to claim COVID-19 necessitated a change in plans - of course neither Trump nor Biden wants that.

The Democrat’s leadership is abhorrent and the Republicans are worse. There is no hope of anything other than minor or superficial legislation from congress.

We are on our own. The hope we have now, is from the grassroots organizing for social and economic structures that promote the well-being of people, living organisms, and the environment. If such local initiatives coalescing into large scale movements, then we can move forward. There is not much hope for greater social progress before this happens.


Well… we do have that new democratic “job training voucher” program euphemistically re-titled by us common Americans as the “Go f-off and die you stupid plebe” bill.

I hold out no hope for a positive outcome based on all of the mounting evidence to the contrary thus far heaped upon my reeling brain over the past 3 months.

40 million recently unemployed and a real unemployment rate of 35% - a leadership that tells it’s citizens to go out and “play in the traffic” on the corner of deadly virus drive and pandemic street.

I don’t know who’s writing the script for all of this madness, but I must admit it has me on the edge of my seat - a real nail-biter.


I think you hit the proverbial nail on the head here.
I frankly have been thinking even further - that it may be nearing the time to give up on voting for national and state governments , ineffectual protest marches and other useless behaviors…
We need to refocus as much as possible on guerrilla community solutions - even in direct defiance of state and national law.
Guerrilla community actions In all aspects- how local business runs, physically driving out big box chains through whatever means necessary, community CSAs created and worked with community participation et al. (As an example I live in suburban Philadelphia. The number of abandoned farm property around me is enormous. Some, I personally know, are still owned by some very well off out of staters. Call their requisitioning “community led imminent domain” .).
Obviously these ideas cannot be fleshed out in a post on a webpage with any rationality. But still…
Generally not a huge fan of James Howard Kunztler overall as he is a bit of a contrarian crank for no reason other than to be one but his World Made By Hand series, though sexist a few other negatives, makes my point in some areas pretty well. I highly recommend them as good reads…
My biggest concern is how to deliver high quality 21st century medical care to our communities in this setting… Kunztler’s answer is ‘die of whatever’ and that is just not acceptable…
I just know we must face the clear fact there is no longer any possibility that our governments, of any party or philosophy, have the ability or more importantly, the will to actually do anything of real substance to support our country’s people …


if the goal was to save our country’s economy -to help the people deal with the greatest threat to public health in our lifetime-- Congress - the Senate, the president, and virtually every corporation and their management has failed at every turn -----if the goal was to make the already extremely wealthy even more wealthy and to hell with the needs of the citizens----they have done a damn good job-----the sad truth–we are being led by shills , cons, ignorant fools and their idiocy has been exposed by this virus (ask yourself–who would ignore the advice of almost every scientist in the world to keep promoting the energy policies that are destroying our planet–for over 50 years)- -the only question that remains —will the American people continue to support the agents of their own demise or will they finally rebel??

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The reason they cant do anything are trade agreements, especially one we joined as part of the WTO that seems to block almost the entire progressive agenda, with almost no exceptions that I can see, its scope is very very wide. basically we are only allowed to do the very most narrow and minimal things possible, and then only for the shortest possible time. On the other hand, all reregulation locks in and becomes an entitlement of other countries, or corporations

Read this intro to it.


I’m confused. Who can’t do anything? In relation to what in my comment is this ?
Agree with the content of your comment but just am not seeing the relation!!

Yes, I was responding to you, I was explaining the reason they have been unable to help people, (you also mentioed this, and so you deserve to know the reason its that way, they traded our “policy space” away - also jobs are supposed to be tradable now, so we may lose a lot of jobs, basically all the decent jobs are bargaining chips now) for the last two and a half decades, but the jobs part has been hung up in negotiations of various kinds over the terms of the deals, .

If you read the UNCTAD document you’ll see that the scope of the limitations they wrestle with are very wide and basically are virtually everything a member government at any level does. They are not allowed to compete with businesses. In order so foreign busineses arent kept out, because government regulations might make them less profitable, they need them for the porest peoples services, low value services for the poor, mortgage and payday loans, micropayments and microloans, pod hotels, legal services like divorces, bankruptcies, a-la-carte healthcare insurance, etc. Global services- This was a dramatic change. All of the New Deal and Great Society kinds of assistances unless they are greatly limited to only those whose situation is the most dire, and then only until that situation has gotten just enough better as to make it no longer the most dire, are pretty much forbidden. Thats what I was telling you.

It would be good if people knew this. Otherwise they are wasting a lot of energy they need to devote to survival - especially people who have health conditions, etc.

They do consider it their job to make the rich wealthier. Isn’t it obvious?

I think that is even their job officially, based on the neoliberal ideology, which sees job losses as “efficiency gains” because workers are a cost.

Using a real estate analogy, perhaps they want to be able to clear this building of tenants because its worth more unoccupied?