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'Congress Must End This National Embarrassment,' Says Sanders After CBO Reveals High Drug Prices for Medicare Part D

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/02/18/congress-must-end-national-embarrassment-says-sanders-after-cbo-reveals-high-drug


All kinds of drugs cost too much—but the drugs seem to cost less in Canada, which seems to be was why so many Americans try to go there for drugs.
KEEP GOING BERNIE, because , We the People , should have Medicare for All, anyway. Besides, the Sacklers made a lot of money killing people with their drugs— and they pay a big fine—but why aren’t they going to jail?


The best-Congress-money-can-buy is the “rational reason” murkins are extorted on drugs, etc., etc.

Recall candidate Obama in 2008 serially criticizing architect of Part D legislation turned drug lobbyist Billy Tauzin for preventing Medicare from negotiating drug prices ? Also recall that as soon as Obama was inaugurated in 2009 he had a secret meeting with former Congressman Tauzin to assure him that Obamacare would prohibit negotiation of drug prices ?


Recently saw a program on YouTube where the narrator said that people in the U.K. pay little, if not nothing, for prescription drugs. The program also pointed out how the the United States spends about $10,000 per capita on its broken down health care system which is about twice as much as what every other developed country in the world spends on their health care system. There is simply no excuse why the richest country in the world cannot afford a universal health care system which can help its citizens and make prescription drugs much more affordable in this less than egalitarian country. That same program also had a person interviewing people on the street in the U.K. to ask them how much they think it would cost Americans to pay for an ambulance which would drive an American to the hospital. Most thought that the price would be about $100. They were stunned to discover that the real price, in the allegedly greatest country in the world, was $2,500 while a trip to the hospital in an ambulance in England would not cost a Brit one shilling.

And to think that Barack Obama once proclaimed that the United States is exceptional. But that word is most certainly true when one discovers that the U.S. is the only industrialized country on the planet which still does not have a universal health care system in place which can help its citizens, and especially in a time of need such as during a pandemic.


Not only does that ambulance ride cost $2500, if it is an out-of-network ambulance, many murkins’ insurance will deny payment. After experiencing this a decade ago I keep a couple of pairs of crutches handy so if I am able to hobble 20’ I can call a taxi, give the driver the biggest tip he/she will ever get and still save a bundle compared to ambulance extortion.


And to think that there are so many Americans who continue to believe what they are told, by Democrats and Republicans alike, and that is that the United States is, despite all evidence to the contrary, the greatest country in the world. But a country certainly cannot call itself the greatest when it fleeces it citizens for an ambulance ride to the hospital which cost a whopping $2,500.


Stop the steal!


In Arizona many go to Mexico for the same drug at a lower price.


different price for different folks, only in the USofA

It’s taken years to perfect this system. Big Insurance and Pharma’s goal is to charge as much as they possibly can without causing an all-out revolt by the masses. What the struggling class can’t pay–our Congressfools usually subsidize. Not because of their altruistic nature (which is sorely lacking), it’s because Aetna and Glaxo, et al, fund their re-election campaigns.

National embarrassment? I think not. Congress/POTUS could not care any less than they already do.


Some pigs at slaughter are fatter than others. Oh, and corporate executives and lobbyists get paid way more than legislators–shhh.


How about regulating the prices for people who must pay retail over the counter. 2 generic scrips that used to cost me $10/month 5 years ago now cost me $30/month. The very same common generics used by millions of people that perhaps cost 10¢ per 100 to manufacture.


The racket that is Medicare part D, and the fact that I have been blessed with fairly good health convinced me to not go for Part D. This years cost approximately 360 exceeds the cost we pay for drugs for both me and my spouse. That is reason #1 why I don’t have part D… Could I some day find I need an expensive drug and maybe have gotten some benefit is a fact… BUT I believe that since the formulary can be changed at will by the insurance companies, that they would have no qualms about studying how much they are paying out and would know EXACTLY what drug to remove from their formulary to restore profitability… AND yes, they can drop the drug, but YOU cannot drop the plan or change plans any time… you can only change plans during ‘open enrollment’. Part D is another scheme to enrich insurance companies… The way it works now, they will never fail to show a profit.


When Medicare part D was privatized we knew more was coming and it has with all those “Advantage” for the-insurance-company-only plans. Back in the 1970s was another travesty committed when drug labs were allowed to patent their discoveries payed by taxes taken from people and then allowed to sell these patents to manufacturing plants. Now they are monopolies that double dip, taking tax payer funds and repaying them with ever rising drug costs.


“National embarrassment”? It is a coordinated theft from the people and nation!
Vulture capitalism in its most odious greed-driven form - anything for a buck regardless the victims and the obscene benefits/profits for CEO pigs at the trough, “shareholders”.and complicit co conspirator politicians.
The complicity of campaign-contribution bribery, so central to our utterly corrupt electoral “system”, to secure the support of elected politician thieves who pass legislation designed to serve their big-money donors, NOT the public or Common Good are crimes of vast proportions!
When the SCOTUS decided that “money equals free speech” they locked-in the wholesale corruption that made Americans captive to corporate greed and corrupt government , making a mockery of "one person, one vote! The crime is that under CU wealth made the few far-more equal than others!
The fix is in has rep[laced the US Constitution and honest government’s charter/players to serve the Common Good now to serve the wealthiest and most corrupt, and all mechanisms and players of that truth are guilty of capital crimes!


If you’ve never seen this clip, it’s worth a view. Sometimes Hollywood gets it mostly right.

“America Is Not The Greatest Country In The World Anymore - The Newsroom 2012”
Sicke Solberg Platform


Medicare is great and would be even greater if it became “Medicare for All.” Part D is a scam for the drug industry and this must be corrected especially in cases like insulin which is a truly life saving product.


IMO, the FDA is complicit in high costs to patients as well. Many medications/Pharma Companies whose patents were due to expire and /or HAD expired had the FDA claim the composition of the drug was “new” so the patent was extended!! Payoffs./kick backs??


Thank you Sen. Sanders.

But, I have one comment… You say “Medicare pays”, but it sure seems to me like we are the ones paying. We pay a premium every month for those private Part-D insurance plans. We pay a deductible. We pay co-pays. Some genius even came up with a donut hole in the coverage so we pay through the nose even more.

One idea just occurred to me … how about a ‘public option’ for Part-D coverage? Although, to me, in a society that entirely bases its medical care on prescribing pills, the pills should always be included in the health care plan.


I got Video Unavailable for that link. May be my security though.

If its the clip I’m thinking of, I do love it, and looked forward to seeing it again. The first season of that show was great, then it got bought off.

The line about how one of the few things that America is truly number one in is “percent of people who believe in Angels” is a classic.


You can go to YT and a search of the title will bring up multiple versions of the clip. I have always had a problem distinguishing between a lower case “L” and a upper case “i”, it’s the reason I always try to list the title and platform in a YT link.