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'Congress Must Oppose This Dangerous Proposal': Draft of McConnell Corporate Immunity Plan Sparks Alarm

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/18/congress-must-oppose-dangerous-proposal-draft-mcconnell-corporate-immunity-plan


More icing on the fascist cake.

Corporations are already immune from efforts to prevent them from using governments as instruments of predation. The executive and legislative branches of government are already fully controlled by predatory corporations. Now corporations want to neutralize the judiciary, once and for all.


Just the next step on the path to Full Fascism.

Pragmatic Triangulated Incrementalism


Mitch isn’t operating alone in a vacuum. He’s just another guy pushing the Fascist agenda.
This problem includes people on both sides of the aisle. Not all, but many.


In a corporate state, immunity has more to do with protecting a person’s wealth than a person’s health. This is why nature’s revenge will succeed in the “end”.


Again with the “sparks alarm” or similar weak pablum headline to describe criminal malfeasance, outrage, treason, betrayal of oath of office, nation and people, representing corporate fascism? Overtly growing and shielding of private power that threatens our republic and civilian nation deserves a far-more robust title!
Appealing to the centrist voters so corrupting and emasculating of the Common Good, progressive/Independent/left change to a more representative and just nation are we?

This soft-peddle is not accurate or in any way warranted at this critical time we find ourselves when the lame-duck RepubliCon/trump co-conspirators/enablers/criminals push bills to shield corporate criminals and abusers from legal responsibility for their crimes - a corrupt, utterly malignant servant of right-wing extremism, wealth and power, who betrays the public to serve corporations and pass legislation to protect that robber-class of corporate usurers, parasites, and tax-evaders!
“Sparks Alarm” is the best we can do?? really?

“The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerated the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence is fascism: ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power.” - FDR


I think the singular biggest difference between the US Government and others the world over is that where the Governments of those other Countries Govern , the Government in the USA campaigns. They are always in campaign mode in the USA with all of the legislation passed designed so as to either gain votes in the next election or garner more in the way of political donations.

Now it certainly true that Government in places like the UK, here in Canada, In France and Australia and the like are in thrall to the Corporations but it no where to the obvious extreme that it has been taken to in the USA. If you compare the legislation passed in these various Countries surrounding COVID Countries outside the USA implemented legislation intended to help the working class as the underlying motivation for the same.

All I see in the USA is “How many votes will this get us next election or how many dollars will I get from the Corporations if I pass this”


I’m going to wear my mask a little higher–like over my eyes–the next few days, fearing to see the first Dems to step forward and co-sponsor.


My reading is done for today because you said it all in one sentence !
Just going to meditate on that.


Next they’ll try for congressional and presidential immunity,

There is no immunity or statute of limitations for crimes against humanity.


A possible and ironic outcome of legislation like this is how it will counter the Trump Administation’s straining to get people back to work. Because many people who don’t have the opportunity to hold their employers accountable/responsible/liable for unsafe working conditions are simply going to opt not to go back to work.

Of course, McConnell will soon write another bill mandating that you must work.
He’s calling it the “From Each According to His Abilities” Act of 2020.


I was thinking the same thing. I want to see if this makes it to a vote and then see where the votes fall. What an indictment against anyone up for election or reelection if they vote against a person’s right to justice against corporate, government, etc., malfeasance? This is written so broadly so as to immediately render all possible guilty parties not guilty already. This is a big fuck you to every citizen and potential life yet to be conceived. (Let those holier than thou Right to Lifers defend that)


They don’t call him the grim reaper for nothing!

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He can’t possible be human. I can’t help but wonder about some of these people. They just don’t seem to have human emotion. Not saying they are lizards lol, but are we being governed by zombies, or what?


How about calling it the “Arbeit macht frei” or “Live Better 4 Less,” or “Plague Over, Back to Your Machine,” “Make 'Em An Offer They Can’t Refuse,” or just, “Fuck You, Pay Me” Act?

~https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/07/17/insu-j01.html (or the “How We Gonna Pay For It?” Act)



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I figure Jones, Klobachar, and Kaine will be first.


Ah, come on, give mitchy a break, he’s only trying to catch up to wifey chao’s dismembering of OSHA when she worked for dubya and place the final nail in the coffin of worker’s rights and protections. Besides, what d’ya expect from the party of psychopaths and sociopaths.


The rest of the industrialized world has the right to sue us, we had better be sure we preserve that right for ourselves.
If we do nothing else, we have to keep in mind that if you are in a party or no party other than republican, you would be raked over coals for anything those republicans have done.
They sadly are not our friends.

The trump and his company of fascists are killing untold number of meat packers and their families by declaring meat packers and slaughter houses “essential work” hance forcing workers to show up to work or lose their jobs. The workers for the most part are migrants and asylum seekers living in constant fear of deportation.This is genocide and should be prevented.

Revolution time come on out on the streets to fight the fascist beasts!

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