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Congress Must Pass Biden's Relief Package or Risk an Anemic and Devastatingly Incomplete Recovery

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/02/23/congress-must-pass-bidens-relief-package-or-risk-anemic-and-devastatingly


or Risk an Anemic and Devastatingly Incomplete Recovery

Oh, you mean like the Democratic Obama/Biden ‚Äėrecovery‚Äô.

We have yet to receive our ‚Äúsecond stimulus‚ÄĚ yet, so hold out no hope for the third one.

time to face the fact that the Democrats are NOT interested in bringing relief, avoiding a crash, or supplying the people with the what they need to recover and are mostly interested in continuing their support of the corporate money machine that pays their bribes‚Äďah campaign contributions‚Äďthat they haven‚Äôt eliminated the filibuster is all the proof we need to confirm this‚Äďthat they are waffling on student debt relief -promise to never give the people universal health care‚Äďwill not stop the endless wars sucking up money that could be used to bring relief-and a cabinet filled with corporate stooges(admittedly‚Äďthat describes their leader Biden to a tee) is the proverbial icing on the cake‚ÄĒtime to face the sad fact that BOTH our political establishments are corrupt to the core‚ÄĒand time to start the work of organizing an alternative that is not wedded to the corporate money‚Äďa People‚Äôs Party(.org)

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