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Congress Must Take Action to Block Weapon Sales to Saudi Arabia


Congress Must Take Action to Block Weapon Sales to Saudi Arabia

Medea Benjamin
Last week, the Pentagon announced the approval of the sale of an additional $1.15 billion worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia. The callousness of this announcement – just days after Saudi Arabia rebooted its devastating bombing campaign in Yemen – is breathtaking.


Medea Benjamin tells us that we must find a way, and with war everywhere, we need to be ready for peace to appear where it is least expected.


This is an issue we may realistically be able impact with calls and letters to our congress-critters, and it is important that we do so. Let this be a policy where the repubs 'just say no' to Obama. Given that it is unconstitutional to sell arms to countries that abuse human rights, it's a no-brainer.

Oh, I almost forgot, $$$ are more important than international and constitutional laws, at least to our PTB.

We do have a small window of opportunity to deluge law-makers with protests about a clearly illegal plan.


An impassioned moral appeal from Medea Benjamin for the so-called leaders of the US to stop supporting our proxy, the Saudi's from committing war crimes in Yemen.

"In approving the sale of these weapons, the Obama Administration has abdicated responsibility for ensuring that the United States is not complicit in war crimes."
Sadly and tragically, Congress will not stop this ill-conceived arms deal from going through, nor any other, they have not the moral compass or integrity to do so and far too much pressure from the arms industry to continue the need for sales and profits.


The 6 nation deal with Iran ending sanctions on their non-existent nuclear weapons program, required the US and Obama to bribe two ME "allies" to not openly oppose the deal.
The Israelis and Saudis used the leverage to force new major weapons sales, increased aid, and other craven submission, namely the US not speaking-out on Israeli ethnic cleansing and illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories, and giving the OK for the Saudis to wage war (with US weapons) against their Shia enemies in Yemen.

The results have been more Israeli settlement expansion and war crimes against Palestinians and the Saudis war against the Houthis and war crimes against civilians in Yemen - both crimes with US support and complicity.


"More than 60 Yemeni civilians have been killed in at least five attacks on civilian areas since the new bombing campaign began. On August 13, the coalition bombed a school in Haydan, Yemen, killing at least 10 children and injuring 28 more." An obscenity supported by the Nobel Peace-Prize Prez - Barack Obama!


Obama is under a lot of pressure to finalize this arms sale and sign TPP by year's end so his family can hop on the corporate speaking bandwagon that has been a goose that lays golden eggs for the Clintons.

Not to mention the additional corporate money the Obama family foundation will receive if he succeeds with the arms sale and TPP.


It's apparent that Western society is run by arms' merchants and the bankers who finance the deals.

The callousness that would incline a nation to bomb away at one of the poorest lands on earth--mostly so that its "royal" princes can actually USE some of that firepower they've so proudly invested in--is the lowest point on the scale of moral depravity.

However, since U.S. arms merchants--and I think it's time to separate these entities from the nation, as a whole--make phenomenal sums on these arms' deals, they truly require nations to bomb the way Walmart requires retail consumers.

In both instances, the sociopaths in high places view matters as merely moving inventory. It has come to THAT for those who deal globally in Arms Traffic.

Quite a few retired generals go on to take positions on the boards of weapons development firms, and not a few ex-presidents sit on the board of The Carlyle Group noted for brokering deals in global arms.

So while the U.S govt props itself up as world policemen, its own weapons contractors go about spreading weapons (for profit) the way corner drug dealers spread crack cocaine... which ENSURE constant conflicts.

For all citizens know (or don't know), the millions of weapons distributed across the domestic U.S.A will lead to a population reduction when climate changes lead to massive food shortages and a reciprocal lack in potable water, etc. The elites probably have front row seats for watching when the carnage breaks out.

Nothing like making the world flush with weapons as a claim to peace-making!

This is one of the reasons why I've clamored on about Mars Rules here (and elsewhere) for more than a decade.


The Obama administration has the blood of Yemen on its hands! Obama is personally responsible for a great failure of morality - an obscene failure! - and is complicit to Saudi war crimes in Yemen - about par for this Prez - making a mockery of the Nobel Peace-Prize astonishingly awarded to him!

"a measure (in US House) that would have banned the transfer of cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia - was narrowly defeated - The vote was mostly along party lines, with 200 Republicans – and only 16 Democrats – heeding the Obama administration’s urging to vote against the measure. - “They advise us that it would stigmatize cluster munitions, which are legitimate weapons with clear military utility.” STIGMATIZE?! What a hideous twisting of moral compass and judgment!

"Tens of thousands of civilians—a third of them children—have been maimed or killed after encountering the unexploded ordnances in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Kosovo, Iraq, Lebanon, and beyond."

"Cluster bombs are banned by an international treaty signed by 119 countries, not including the United States." Our "special ally" is the other criminal state that refused to sign along with the US

http://www.haaretz.com/news/idf-commander-we-fired-more-than-a-million-cluster-bombs-in-lebanon-1.197099 - After the cease-fire was signed Israel fired over a million cluster bombs into south Lebanon!


The majority of the people in congress are in the pocket of the war profiteers and to expect them to bite the hand that feeds them, is naive to say the least. With all do respect to Code Pink, no chance!