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'Congress Needs to Wake Up': Demanding Lawmakers Declare Climate Emergency, Extinction Rebellion Activists Superglue Themselves to Capitol

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/24/congress-needs-wake-demanding-lawmakers-declare-climate-emergency-extinction


well I support them…but REALLY hope they didn’t superglue their hands to doors…getting loose would not be like pulling off a bandaid…


From the BBC:

Climate change: 12 years to save the planet? Make that 18 months

I am thinking of the book by Peter Ward, deep time paleontologist and mass extinction expert,

Under a Green Sky: Global Warming, the Mass Extinctions of the Past, and What They Can Tell Us About Our Future (2007)

The last chapter essentially laid out the gravity of the situation, recognized more than twelve years ago - and now - apparently - here we are - literally on the brink - if all of this scientific evaluation proves correct - or correct enough.

According to the article Climate change: 12 years to save the planet? Make that 18 months linked to above, a special UN summit is now scheduled for September 23 of this year, New York, and the Secretary General has requested that only countries with serious plans attend - that’s new - I can’t recall that ever having happened before.

Most political leaders, and virtually all politicians, are effectively still clueless - they really think this is just another political can to kick down the road and handle with the quintessential achievement of our vaunted ‘economies’ - public relations - read salesmanship - read selling that which is unnecessary to a properly ‘dumbed down’ public - be it the latest mega-flat screen - or fake news, etc…

I thought the photo in this article (linked to above) - of Greta Thundberg - especially poignant - humbling even.


I admire the courage and radicalism of the Extinction Rebellion, which is an essential component of the uphill struggle for sane climate policy.

However, I think Extinction Rebellion–and election-focused movements like Sunrise–are making serious strategic mistakes by not making demands consistent with the climate crisis being an emergency, First and foremost of these is demanding that House Democrats impeach Trump over his far-beyond-criminal climate policy. If climate really is an emergency, Trump and Republicans are not merely ignoring, but actively worsening, that emergency–with a potentially genocidal death toll as a likely result. Not demanding Trump’s impeachment over climate signals that you don’t really take the emergency seriously.

Without a wider sense of emergency–which the united climate movement demanding Trump’s climate-based impeachment would create–Extinction Rebellion will never be able to recruit sufficient numbers (and thereby force sufficient media coverage) to make its actions truly effective.


I am not sure that follows.

How long would an impeachment proceeding take?

And since it is virtually a foregone conclusion that it would not succeed - it is still all just showmanship.

And this is most emphatically what we don’t need - more showmanship - more playing politics - more playing to the crowd.

And since they have, literally, in this case, skin in the game - I just give them my unqualified support.


It doesn’t matter how long the impeachment process would take–because Democrats are virtually certain not to do it. Pelosi’s already blocked impeachment (probably because she senses Democrats’ overblown emphasis on Russiagate would backfire)–and she’d be far more adamantly opposed to impeachment based on taking the climate emergency seriously, since she doesn’t and hates the Green New Deal. But my point is not really getting Dems to pursue climate-based impeachment; it’s to broadcast the message of how serious the climate emergency is–which makes Trump’s worsening of the crisis a serious crime against humanity–and to expose how both our major parties are not taking it seriously. If Dems took it seriously, they would have launched Trump’s deserved impeachment over far-beyond-criminal climate policy a long time ago. By publicly exposing both parties’ lack of seriousness over climate emergency, Extinction Rebellion would 1) look a lot more justified to the general public in its radical actions and 2) recruit sufficiently many activists for those actions to force even corporate-owned news media to cover them.


I’ve got to ask - Where have you been ?

Nobody who understands the science thinks either party has the slightest clue, or the slightest intention, of doing anything remotely resembling what is required.

Look, I’m a Canadian, so I dabble in your politics with some trepidation, but to me, Pelosi, Biden, even Sanders - these are relics of the past - a bygone age that no longer exists.

This is The Anthropocene - and everything is different.


You beat me to it. Logged in to post that article. And i believe that is the new time frame!!!

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Great point re Trump . . . .

Denial of Global Warming is mandate for Impeachment

If they did, lets hope the authorities understand acetone will dilute superglue, so no skin is lost.

What “wider sense of emergency” are we all waiting for –

Fires in California over past decade –

Fires in Greece forcing people into the ocean –

Currently Europe in second round of high temps going up to 118 –

We are more regularly seeing 90’s in US –

Human temp is 98.6 –

Look at the panic of Elites in their rush to gain control over everything –
total control over public, governments – water, oil, financial, elections

When you are wondering what the line up of action must be it’s already been laid
out long, long ago –

1992 World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity

Believe that was a press conference at the National Press Club –
after which there was only silence by our “free press” which tells you a lot if you’re
counting on knowing the truth of anything –

but the private individuals who control our natural resources certainly heard them
and got busy eliminating liberals from government.

Our nation’s Natural Resources must be nationalized – under control of the people.
All vehicles to be converted to electric/solar/battery

ENERGY creation must be at local level/communities in control
End the expansion of power grids/above ground wires/shut down nuclear reactors


Stabilize populations – Family Planning – Contraception - Education –


AIR POLLUTION & ACID RAIN do harm to all life on the planet – to forests and crops

This is all part of “enlightened self-interest” – or who’s feeling the burn right now?

The earth provides and takes care of us all – we don’t take care of it.

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It’s not a question of where I have been; it’s a question of how a majority of Americans unlike me (a climate justice activist who frequents alternative progressive and leftist media) have been brainwashed.Climate-based impeachment is a shock cure for my compatriots’ massive brainwashing, of which Democrats’ failure even to mention impeaching Trump for his far-beyond-criminal climate policy is a major component. Another way of stating my position is that unless the climate movement reverses the brainwashing and creates a sense of emergency (by every possible means), the climate cause in the US is simply hopeless.

We are running out of time and it could not be more evident of that here in Alaska.

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Have you ever read that book I linked to above, “Under a Green Sky” ? Just curious, it is a specialist’s book I suppose, even though Peter Ward writes for the public. It is difficult to enter someone else’s mind - I mean really, how many people think of the time, say end Permian - ever ?

As for the timing - the reality as I see it is that no one knows. We might have already passed some unknown tipping point -

But there is a pattern, discernible since 1955/59, when Gilbert Plass first published for the popular Press, in American Scientist and then Scientific American, his thoughts and findings on -

Carbon Dioxide and Climate

And that pattern is this - always we have underestimated, often badly, the speed and synergies of climate change.

And climate change is the correct term, for myriad reasons, the pertinent one being reality. We are not good enough, our models are just that, rather crude imitations of the real McCoy - which is The Earth System, which in its broadest interpretation is all inclusive, space, cosmic rays, distant or perhaps not so distant bolide impact threats, and often overlooked, the human equation, as we are most definitely a major player on the scene - a scene rightly called The Anthropocene, and all the while the other relics - this time in the scientific community - footdrag over proclaiming this new epoch. That’s right, dinosaurs are not only politicians.

Which is why I am glad to see a young and vigorous Greta Thundberg standing up.

I am still in the process of reading that marvellous little book, “Thinking Like a Mountain” (2000), by Robert Bateman. It’s almost nostalgic in its prescience. At the beginning of Part Three, a quote from Wendell Berry is presented:

"We have lived by the assumption that what was good for us was good for the world. We have been wrong. We must change our lives, so that it will be possible to live by the contrary assumption that what is good for the world will be good for us."


  • We have the technology for Direct Air Capture - it will scale.
  • Rights for the Environment is a sound legal argument - and has already seen minor implementation.
  • E.O. Wilson’s ‘Half-Earth’ concept is likewise sound - wherein we link ecosystems and provide a path for biodiversity to flourish (one example, the Yellowstone to Yukon Initiative). We set aside, like the ancient Hawaiians did, certain places, and call them sacred, or, in modern terms - - we respect the natural world, including ourselves. It matters that it ‘feels’ right. Massive inequality - that doesn’t feel right.
  • Necessity is perhaps the only good reason for doing anything. Well, it is now necessary that we do - big time.

It’s coming - but it is going to be a close thing.

Lady Luck is going to play her part. I hope we are lucky - because we sure ‘ain’t too smart’.

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Glad to hear you are active and in the resistance.

I think we must all avoid the ‘Jesus Complex’, wherein we think all rests on our shoulders. The natural world, The Earth System - will speak much louder and have much more effect than you or I, or the politicos now in power.

Not only that, but it is dispiriting to think we alone can change things, we being the climate activists.

We play a small part on a big stage.

Right now there is still food on the supermarket shelves here in the first world, the trees still line asphalt thoroughfares full of cars going to giant parking lots, the Straits of Hormuz are still seeing massive and sustained tanker traffic.

To the somnolent public, all is well, even at minimum wage and without medicare - because it is the way it has always been in our brief tenure on the planet.

We do not “Think Like a Mountain” - not yet.

But we will - or we will cease to exist - confirming Enrico Fermi’s insight:

“Where is Everybody?”

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Maybe The Earth System is a little more impartial than that Greenwich?

Maybe it’s more - don’t cut off the branch you’re sitting on?

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Bernie –
Agree if you’re arguing for impeachment - it would put more emphasis on
Global Warming – hopefully forcing more information and attention to the issue.
And investigations overall that would bring more information on corruption of government.

You’re Canadian, and presumably for that reason not operating with a public as brainwashed as the US one (though I’m no expert on Canadian politics). Consequently, well-informed US climate activists are not operating so much with a “Jesus complex” (which implies we’ve got something wrong in the head) as a “Jesus situation”: the brainwashed public really needs a savior to show it the way. I can only hope objective evidence–and not sheer, self-serving ego–figures large in my motivations; at least I (as a writer with writer’s vanity) am strongly aware of the ego issues. But I fully recognize that the US situation requires Jesuses and not just Jesus; far from this purely a question of Messianic ego strokes, I often feel what a detestable, lonely burden of conscience it is to be one of the few US citizens who has the good luck–and curse–of knowing what’s really going on. How often I’ve wished I could (in Jackson Browne’s memorable words “be a happy idiot”! The last thing I want is the burden of being the sole US “Savior.”

Always learn something from you - thank you.
But how is your government in Alaska dealing with Global Warming –
I’m not at all aware of what’s happening there.

We are having trees falling a lot here due to the immense rains we’ve been
getting – and note that more and more areas are getting rains that bring
immediate flooding. When the trees fall, there’s still some stuff attached, but
no real root system coming up with very large, older trees.

Do you still have forests there – and lumber areas?

I could look this up – and will – but just a picture of what’s happening in Alaska
if you can.

I did note the flooding of highways and roads in Canada the other day.
The storms we were getting may have been partly responsible in moving up?

many –

What I hoped I was speaking to was the idea that we on this planet have
some special right to exploit nature – as has been happening – and destroy it.

And allegedly that right comes via some male-supremacist “god” under the
heading of “Manifest Destiny” and the alleged “Man’s Dominion Over Nature.”

In all issues, religion (especially organized patriarchal religion) is not necessarily
moral nor spiritual – and should play no role in government decisions.

And I’d stress that the oppression of women by Christianity for thousands of years
should eliminate it entirely from voicing any opinion on female reproductive freedom.

NATURE in fact did supply reproductive freedom for all women on earth in plants which
are our natural medicines and drugs – preventing illness and healing every part of our
bodies. Nature’s plants also gave women the option of preventing pregnancies, ending
pregnancies, and ending fertility at any time the female wished. All of the knowledge of
those plants was destroyed during the era of Christianity’s “Hammer of Witches” and
the plants themselves destroyed and eliminated.

And how many tens of millions of women have lost their lives in patriarchal societies
as they lived out the myth of female 'inferiority" and suffered violence against them?