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Congress Poised to Move Forward with Bold Agenda on Yemen


Congress Poised to Move Forward with Bold Agenda on Yemen

Kate Kizer

Although the brutal assassination of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi may have begun to recede from the American public consciousness, Washington has clearly not moved on. In fact, the new Democratic majority in the House is poised, in partnership with key Senate leaders, to advance a bold agenda to bring accountability to the U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia and finally reassert congressional oversight of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.


Whatever Trump does we can rest (no so) assured that it will be on behalf of what he believes to be his own political interests and nothing more. The Yemeni people are as invisible to him as they are to his base. The Uninformed States of America remains a threat to global peace.


“Bold Action”? I’ll believe that when it actually comes to pass! when the Saudi killers are hauled to the World Court…when billions are dedicated to peace and repairing the destruction WE caused, supported and funded! When we dedicate ourselves to ending the arms races and allowing the mentally depraved to control the future!

For every “bold action” there will be others at least as brutal, racist, depraved and violent to serve the war-machine and those that profit from the slaughter of people, theft of their territory and natural resources, and building the instruments of endless for-profit wars!


In a larger context, how can the last 20 years of US meddling in the MidEast be considered anything but one abject failure after another?

And the neocon’s public enemy number one, Iran, has been the winner pretty much everywhere it gets involved. And while I’m not happy with the Ayatollah’s grip on theocratic power, I’d take the leadership and trajectory of Iran over the murderous 13th century brand of Wahabism practiced in the KSA.

Of course, since the bigger neocon goal is to heap money into the coffers of the MIC, I suppose there is one perverted version of ‘victory’ to note…


You know it is propaganda whenever a writer says Congress is going to do anything “bold”.


Didn’t you hear? Obama and Hillary were going to save the day by doing a complete double-cross to their fake friends in Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf monarchies. But that dastardly Trump ruined all of their well laid out Centrist plans!

Ro Khanna is, at least, speaking out. No real plans, though.


I’m watching for any affiliation to the Free Masons, Tri Lateral, CFW, etc. These are likely sell-outs imo. Or a trip to the Bohemian Grove, Russia, or Saudi Arabia. No trust.


You’d be cool with a trip to Israel, though?


The refugee crisis that Middle Eastern wars have created in Europe make the Latin American refugee crisis seem small in comparison. I can’t understand why Europe just sat back and let it happen, aided and abetted.


It is beyond ironic for the US to minimize the very urgent and longstanding humanitarian crisis in Yemen . . . all the while ginning up the “crisis” in Venezuela as if it just happened yesterday and must now be dealt with immediately. And continuing to ignore the actual crisis at the US southern border while manufacturing a fake crisis at the same location. And ignoring the long-standing human rights crisis in Palestine while feeding the State of Israel our generous tax dollars.

Will the hypocrisy never stop?