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Congress Reportedly Slipping CISA Spy Bill Into Must-Pass Omnibus


Congress Reportedly Slipping CISA Spy Bill Into Must-Pass Omnibus

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Digital rights groups are sounding the alarm after sources reportedly confirmed on Monday that the controversial cyber-surveillance bill formerly known as CISA has been slipped into the "must-pass" omnibus spending bill that Congress is expected to vote on later this week.


The end of CD is near? How does Internet traffic sharing information between the government and corporations lead to that? Does CISA repeal the First Amendment?


If CISA doesn't do it, TPP, TTIP and TISA will.


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Thanks for the link! I agree that the bill is a bad one, but I don't see it as the end of CD. Every corporation wants to privatize its profits and socialize its risk and liabilities. The main idea behind this bill seems to be consistent with that age-old position; they don't want to be held liable when they share private info, especially when they fail to properly encrypt it.