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Congress’s Cat Burglars Are Pulling a Fast One on TPP


Congress’s Cat Burglars Are Pulling a Fast One on TPP

Bill Moyers, Bernard Weisberger

“With cat-like tread upon our foes we steal.” So boasted Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance as they decided to try a little burglary for a change. And “steal” is the appropriate word.

It’s hardly a surprise that Republican congressional leaders and their cadre of Democratic allies spurred on by Barack Obama are resorting to a bagful of parliamentary tricks to put the Trans-Pacific Partnership on a “take it or leave it but you can’t change it” fast-track to enactment by Tuesday.


Democracy in the dark, brought to you by the most “transparent” president ever.


If this passes can a “grand bargain” be far behind? This combination of a GOP controlled Congress and a Blue Dog Democrat in the White House could be lethal.


“…Republican congressional leaders and their cadre of Democratic allies spurred on by Barack Obama are resorting to a bagful of parliamentary tricks to put the Trans-Pacific Partnership on a “take it or leave it but you can’t change it” fast-track…”

This kind of thinking makes the assumption that Congress might, in some magical world, actually make changes to trade bills that would benefit the people. Really? Chances are we’re better off letting our Tyrant in Chief approve these things without giving our criminals in Congress the chance to load them up with pork. But that’s Moyers’ problem. He still pretends we live in a functional democracy and that we can reform our broken system.


Why do we pretend that this set-up has even a gambler’s chance of eventually scoring when we know that the end result has already been decided? We are told to flood their mailboxes and phone lines, one more time, to plead for their votes. In turn, Obama and our Faux Democratic leaders agreed long ago to play the game that democracy matters, until one day in the near future when it doesn’t.

Meanwhile we continue to waste time and effort along with any authority that we once held. When government has gone deaf, we need to bring up the volume and intensity of our voices.


This “DINO” has been obvious and transparent for some time.


It already is!


How much were those 13 Democrats bribed with?


Blue Dogs sell out, most Republicans vote and most Democrats don’t. There it is in a nutshell.


How can we complain if we don’t vote?


"Resistance is crucial. Pass the word. Write, call, e-mail, visit or communicate with your senators by whatever means available. "

Eh, FU Borg. I already called.


We are told to beg our clearly compromised representatives to support us, when it is obvious from our continual betrayal that most of our calls and letters are easily ignored and will never see the light of day.

I never suggested withholding our votes from the ballot box.

Personal appeals to bought-off politicians have minimal impact. Considering the disastrous consequences for almost everyone in this country, is it at all possible to involve the uninformed, unexcited masses into organized public anger? After the fact, a massive, European-style march on Washington, fired-up through the magic of social media might have done that and would have been more effective. My personal regrets and weak excuse is that age and disability kept me from marching, but if not now, when?


Not mostly clueless. You blame the citizens-voters in the same way that the corporate media seeks to place the blame for POLICE brutality onto the targets victimized.

The American public–as a majority–opposes TPP. Yet here you are turning the LIE of citizens’ ignorance into the fuel that drives policy. The TRUTH is that corporate interests own congress, the presidency, the senate, the media, the courts, AND the armed forces. That’s a pretty substantial amount of muscle… the public’s knowledge (or purported lack of same) is NOT the critical issue.

You’re promoting a fake storyline that aligns with the Talking Points that you and your clown tag teamers have been assigned.


We all do what we can. One thing we can all do is vote. Democracy can’t exist without it.

Personal appeals to bought-off politicians have minimal impact if they don’t see that their jobs depend on our votes. If liberals and progressives want politicians to listen to us, they need to know that enough of us will not vote for them. With 36% voter turnout, they don’t need to worry about losing their jobs.

I think the smartest thing progressives could do is to have a drive to increase voter turnout and counter Republican and Blue Dog “voting is a waste of time” propaganda. Conservatives effectively spend billions to suppress the vote because they know it is the only way they can win.


Visual evidence of ‘Free Trade Deals’ at work: Drive around Virginia and North Carolina and gawk at the empty shells of once vibrant factories. Except this time there aren’t any factories left to vacate. If Obama is looking for this ‘secret’ plan to provide him with a boost for his legacy he may find that this will leave him without any legacy at all. He must have some imaginary trick card up his sleeve otherwise he will have ended Democracy once and for all. All that is left for us to do is drive it to the levy…


We need a revolutionary party. (No that doesn’t mean blood-thirsty or violence prone,
nor pure pacifist either.) A party that can remove this Predatory Plutocrat Class from power.
Instead of the defeatist self-fulfilling prophecy- “We can’t build a 3rd party”- talk from hacks and people with too little vision, we should point out that the working class is THE MAJORITY, and if we get the SINCERE liberals, socialists, and activists from all the progressive movements- ALL INTO >ONE<
party, - WE CAN BEAT BOTH CORPORATE PARTIES! Especially now that the popularity of BOTH
is in the toilet. Flush BOTH these parties with their TPP! (And TTIP, TISA, ad nauseum, ad genocideum,
ad extincteum! (sic) (and SICK!)
The Green Party isn’t socialist, but it isn’t McCarthyist either, and it REFUSES CORPORATE MONEY!
So if you’re a liberal, JOIN! If you’re a socialist, JOIN! If you’re a REAL Christian, Jew, Muslim, atheist,
agnostic, Join! As long as you’re a caring human being who wants REAL democracy instead of Corporate Rule. We can talk to each other, and debate the best way forward. That’s where we belong- building a new MAJORITY PARTY! After all, WE ARE THE MAJORITY!
Stop following the toads who told us to vote for O’bomber, Slick Willy (“I feel your pain”, so I’ll give you
NAFTA, , a pipeline to prison and the death penalty, and a “healthcare” plan that’s
a gift to the insurance industry…), Carter, LBJ…
Let the corporate vote be split between the Repugnants and Demagogs; We just need one party to
out-vote them!