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Congress Sinks to New Depths


Congress Sinks to New Depths

Mike Lofgren

We might have thought the Congress of the United States hit rock bottom in 2011, when it nearly drove the country into a sovereign debt default. It was averted in time, but Standard and Poor’s still downgraded America’s debt rating. Or was rock bottom the government shutdown of 2013?


Change is possible.
Vote every incumbent out of office.


"The source of extreme dysfunction lies predominantly in one party" is true only if you don't drill very deep.

When the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) was formed in 1985 as the new guiding light of the Party, getting more corporate money than the GOP became the Party's sole focus. The most regressive tax reform in US history that the Democrats continue to brag was "bipartisan 1986 tax reform" was the DLC's first accomplishment. The DLC moved the Party's agenda ever rightward, pushing the GOP even further to the right to distinguish itself from the Democrats.

Bill Clinton followed the DLC playbook by zealously pushing the GOP's darling (NAFTA) through during his first term, directly resulting in Democrats losing control of Congress in the 1994 midterm elections for the first time in 40 years. The DLC playbook demands that the GOP control Congress as much as possible so the POTUS has cover to deliver the legislation that earns the Democratic Party big corporate money.

Obama repeated Clinton's performance by reviving the GOP's 1990s "health care reform", relabeling it the Affordable Care Act (ACA) thereby handing control of Congress to the GOP in 2010.

Although the GOP's actions discussed in this article are the most current visible manifestations of dysfunction, the roots of that dysfunction grew from seeds (planted by the DLC three decades ago) into a garden being nurtured by the corporations and the politicians (on both sides of the aisle) that they own.


The US has killed 20 million people and destroyed 50 democracies since 1945.

Democrats and republicans have shared equally in this US holocaust.

Many so called progressives have been in congress through endless war and austerity.

Think twice about voting for incumbents from either the democratic or republican party.

Vote third party. Vote out whoever is in. Shuffle the deck. Write a new story.


Congress has been and is, with very few exceptions, like Paul Wellstone, nothing but a cabal of MIC puppets that support the 1% and its military dictatorship. You do not believe that the U.S. is a military dictatorship posing as a democracy? Sheldon Wolin has nailed it with the term " inverted totalitarianism".

1.The American empire has many military bases, covert and overt, all over the world and has influence and vested, economic interests, in those areas. And those bases are there primarily to protect the American empire's hegemony and hubris of the economic, elite.

  1. Congress has never declared any war since WWII. Even though it is stated unequivocally. in the Constitution that only congress can declare war.

  2. This all started with the Korean war that what was then called a "police action" as a way to circumvent the Constitution.

  3. The Vietnam war was voted on overwhelmingly by a corrupt congress that lied to the American people, with the canard of the Gulf of Tonkin and not only murdered over 50,000 brave and patriotic, albeit misled, American soldiers, but an estimated 2 million Vietnamese.

  4. The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria have been going on for at least 15 years at a cost of trillions of $, but these wars are still being supported by an obsequious and punic congress that are nothing but fawning parasites for their war profiteers.

  5. Who gets the lions share of the U.S.taxpayers budget? Peace is an anathema to the U.S. egregious war profiteering budget.

  6. I could add much more to make my case that America has been and is an inverted totalitarian empire that is a military dictatorship that pays lip service to a democracy that has ceased to function because of a war congress that indeed, has sunken to new depths!


The greatest trick the oligarchy ever pulled is to make us believe that we need politicians.

Direct Grassroots Democracy, online, encrypted.


Boy, those Republicans!

How dare they approve a weapons deal approved by Obama's State Department and then try to let 9/11 victims sue the country the 9/11 attackers came from!!!

Thank goodness we have a strong Democratic President standing up to defend the right of Saudis to U.S. weapons and a lack of accountability!!!!



I don't think it's appropriate to lump Alan Grayson in with the likes of Gohmert and King. He's made some pretty strong rhetorical points that might have offended more delicate sensibilities, but he's been an effective legislator.

We should support the principled pugilists on the left. They're very scarce.


There is only one direction for the best-Congress-money-can-buy to go and that is to continue in their three decade downward spiral.


Mike Lofgren's a fine writer, and this piece is outstanding.

Also appreciate his 2014 article which is easily Googled, "Essay: Anatomy of the Deep State," a fine primer on who runs the show from the US side.

It's all our dream: "It is well past time to clean up Congress"; further, "The people ... will unravel the Deep State with surprising speed."


So the Saudi's will be pulling all there money out ???????A country that hates democratic values-and puts people to death for speaking how they feel????

Because of this new law-people who have been attacked by the US could now take legal action against the US----I think this is a good thing.


It certainly is better than corporations suing countries for projected loss of profits.


Senator, Paul Wellstone was a rare breed.

" It ( the democratic party) retards progress toward presenting a genuine alternative."

Thanks for that quote, I never read it before, but it is exactly what I have been saying for a long,long time: THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS NOTHING BUT THE FAKE OPPOSITION PARTY! It is the disingenuous alternative!


. A democrat is the one of the people that sponsored the bill to sue Saudi Arabia they were just as many Democrats voting for it as much as the Republicans. They are also misleading viewers that anyone voting for Trump has to be a low information voter. Which that is not true. A lot of people voting for Trump because he is a none politician. The voters put Trump in. We are getting tired of these politicians. who have forgotten to do their job for the American people. These politicians should really take notice to how Trump made it this far they won't they will come up with excuses . They will not take responsibility. They point the finger at each other blame each other. Has anyone ever hear from either party that they have made a mistake? That their policy's have been wrong. The two party system is just damaging to this country and to the people. It keeps us divided. It is just about politics that both party's benefit from. Not the citizens. The election process has become a dangerous joke, both extremes come out to play and the reasonable people can't have a voice. Each election if you pay attention they tell on each other and on the corrupt system. Our election process is shameful, disrespectful and no integrity . Neither party is running on strengths just a tabloid mentality. This has became a fight between the two political party's and the American people are in the middle and we are the ones that are losing. We no longer have a voice in Washington. We need to change to try and stop these self serving people from being leaders. Who are just destructive


for the most part Trump's idea of term limits on incumbents sound good but would only lead to replacing like with like due to widespread gerrymandering. This can only be fixed through overwhelming voter turn-out or social upheaval. See Northern Ireland.

From Wikipedia
The word gerrymander (originally written Gerry-mander) was used for the first time in the Boston Gazette on 26 March 1812. The word was created in reaction to a redrawing of Massachusetts state senate election districts under Governor Elbridge Gerry. In 1812, Governor Gerry signed a bill that redistricted Massachusetts to benefit his Democratic-Republican Party. When mapped, one of the contorted districts in the Boston area was said to resemble the shape of a salamander.
Gerrymander is a portmanteau of the governor's last name and the word salamander


Agree. Thanks for your reply.