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Congress Urged to 'Do Its Job' As Democratic Leaders Shrug at Trump's Illegal Air Strikes

Congress Urged to 'Do Its Job' As Democratic Leaders Shrug at Trump's Illegal Air Strikes

Julia Conley, staff writer

While President Donald Trump followed the air strikes he ordered in Syria late Friday by declaring "mission accomplished" on Twitter—echoing President George W. Bush's infamous words uttered in May 2003 after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, where thousands of American troops now remain—his televised address left the action open-ended.

"We are prepared to sustain this response until the Syrian regime stops its use of prohibited chemical agents," Trump declared Friday night.

Example #1,000,0000,000 of what a shitty opposition party is. Pelosi and Schumer are just horrible. To think that these are the “leaders” of that party says a lot. Even if they were, where are they leading the Democrats? Fucking over, this country is, if they’re who we’re supposed to give more power to in opposition to Trump. What have they done with power when they’ve been given power? Enrich themselves, their donors, and next to nothing else.


Adlai Stevenson, U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations, held up U2 photographs of Soviet missiles on ships heading for Cuba at a meeting of the Security Council. Now any freelancing radical can stage a “chemical” attack. There will be no end to this. Insanity.


Getting a little sick of this uncritical adherence to the premise that Democrats really do want what is right but just aren’t tough enough to demand it.

Why can’t we accept that they would have done the exact same thing? Why can’t we remember that Obama actually planned to do the exact same thing?


And rest assured Hillary would do exactly the same if not more.


There is never proof, only prolefeed.


Translation: We will stay in Syria until we get the deep state’s desired regime change in Syria.

Does anyone really think that Trump, who is a sociopath and nothing but a fawning parasite; a stooge for the MIC, gives a tinker’s damn about the gassed children in Syria?


Well, at least the Dems finally have their Impeachable offense. That nonsense about Russian collusion was nauseating, but this is something real. Without Congressional approval and before any inspectors could determine what happened, which was almost certainly a false flag, an indefensible attack of another nation. And with any real digging, a mountain of evidence will probably turn up that Trump and his people knew it was a false flag.


There will be NO proof…because Assad didn’t do it. This smells of another false flag situation which the U.S. and Israeli agents are getting pretty good at.


True, but anyone that is selected for POTUS would do the same thing! Presidents are selected as long as they are war mongers and stooges for Amerika’s, fascist, military dictatorship; as long as they are obsequious to the fascists that really determine the U.S. foreign policies of the economic, elite.


Obama didn’t get a AUMF in 2013 after gas attacks by Assad outside of Damascus so he didn’t lob missiles. Not all circumstances are the same. That said, as much as we bag on the Deep State—whatever that means—the Deep State actually held back the worst impulses of our stupid and reactionary president. If reporting is correct, Mattis didn’t want this at all. Back channels were open to Russia all week and all of the targeted locations were evacuated.

This was security theatre, just like last year. Assad’s forces are intact and he’s free to keep murdering thousands, conventionally of course. This is a no-win situation in the sense it’s difficult to see what winning would look like except Assad in power, thousands massacred.

Yes,Assad may be a thug, but does anyone really think Assad is a stupid thug! Assad knows that his regime is in the US cross hairs for regime change, just like Saddam was in Iraq, so why would he want to give Trump any excuse to attack Syria?


Bombing Assad’s factory that makes these chemical weapon bombs is something I support as Assad is using these chemical weapons against Syrians who are from a different ethnic and religious group than Assad. What you see after a chemical attack is men, women, children, dogs, cats, livestock, etc… all dead on the ground. It isn’t on the battlefield between opposing armies. That’s why this can be called a crime against humanity.

However, Trump does not have the legal empowerment to unilaterally decide to bomb or go to war with Syria. Congress by fact of the constitution must being involved in voting a specific war up or down in congress. A unilateral Trump decision to bomb Syria could be grounds for impeachment because going to war must involve congress in voting for or against that war.

AIPAC doesn’t need proof. This false flag us just the latest in a list of false flags. Eretz Israel must continue. Dam,n the american public. Shut up and pay up.


If reporting is correct, the facilities were evacuated prior to the bombings. If that’s the case, I put dollars-to-donuts it wasn’t just people that left the facilities. This was security theatre, with an outcome that only Assad could love. His infrastructure is still intact, he has his air force, and he’s free to massacre as his grip gets stronger. He has demonstrated that the US won’t take the steps it needs to to really affect him. And Trump, who thinks he’s tough, looks like a fool. Mattis was against doing this, if reporting is right, for a reason. Putin’s laughing.

They shrug. Of course they do. They have more in common with Don and his fellow “patriots” than they don’t. One-party country with two right wings.


2Buck Chuck looks like a bankers’ hyena. There is a man with zero scruples.


Adlai Stevenson was a good man. He warned Kennedy not to go to Dallas. Nixon chided Kennedy about using the plexiglass limousine shield, so Kennedy ditched it. Nixon was in Dallas the morning of November 22, 1963 but Oliver Stone spread the myth that Johnson ordered the murder. Arnon Milchan, an Israeli weapons dealer , Mossad agent, and executive film producer at Regency Enterprises, was allegedly the actual financier behind the fictional film JFK, not so much Kitman Ho.

No my friend, the war profiteering racket of the deep state always win. If you need clarification about the racket of the deep state, I suggest you read,: WAR IS A RACKET! By Smedley Butler.


It would seem that the “mission accomplished” was the mission of getting this weekends news-cycle off the Michael Cohen story.