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Congress Urged to 'Do Its Job' As Democratic Leaders Shrug at Trump's Illegal Air Strikes


AIPAC doesn’t need proof. This false flag us just the latest in a list of false flags. Eretz Israel must continue. Dam,n the american public. Shut up and pay up.


If reporting is correct, the facilities were evacuated prior to the bombings. If that’s the case, I put dollars-to-donuts it wasn’t just people that left the facilities. This was security theatre, with an outcome that only Assad could love. His infrastructure is still intact, he has his air force, and he’s free to massacre as his grip gets stronger. He has demonstrated that the US won’t take the steps it needs to to really affect him. And Trump, who thinks he’s tough, looks like a fool. Mattis was against doing this, if reporting is right, for a reason. Putin’s laughing.


They shrug. Of course they do. They have more in common with Don and his fellow “patriots” than they don’t. One-party country with two right wings.


2Buck Chuck looks like a bankers’ hyena. There is a man with zero scruples.


Adlai Stevenson was a good man. He warned Kennedy not to go to Dallas. Nixon chided Kennedy about using the plexiglass limousine shield, so Kennedy ditched it. Nixon was in Dallas the morning of November 22, 1963 but Oliver Stone spread the myth that Johnson ordered the murder. Arnon Milchan, an Israeli weapons dealer , Mossad agent, and executive film producer at Regency Enterprises, was allegedly the actual financier behind the fictional film JFK, not so much Kitman Ho.


No my friend, the war profiteering racket of the deep state always win. If you need clarification about the racket of the deep state, I suggest you read,: WAR IS A RACKET! By Smedley Butler.


It would seem that the “mission accomplished” was the mission of getting this weekends news-cycle off the Michael Cohen story.


What steps does the US need to take?

Assad is a typical dick-tator, and the US is a typical Empirical monster that has caused at least, if not a lot more bloodshed in this ugly war.

Putin? Well Putin’s actions in Syria are about protecting Russia’s own empirical interests in the region, which of course complicates things for US Empire, that would like to assert its own interests and that of Israel.

Saudi Arabia, aligned with the US and Isreal, has its own interests as well, and Turkey.

ISIS? Well, that’s a clusterfuck of interests’ representation if there ever was one, including proxy interests of the US whose ME foreign policy produced in the first place.

Syria is the kind of situation that births the clash of Empires. Hold on to your hat.


Two cheeks of the same backside.


Mattis was against this bombing by all accounts. He spent the week talking down his boss in public. Now more reports have confirmed targets were evacuated, Russia back channels were open, and Assad’s infrastructure is intact. This was security theatre, nothing more, nothing less.

I find it strange how some progressive quarters insist on the “truth” when it’s staring them in the face. The military contractors have their tax cuts and their budgeted spending. They are doing plenty well without war.


Oh, I think there’s zero steps to take. I ain’t an expert, but as I see it, Assad’s won. Just want to be real to counter some nonsense I keep reading that insinuates Assad is some solid guy and all the negativity is just propaganda. He’s going to kill thousands as he solidifies his grip on power, let alone once he gains it fully.


People make jokes about the practice of hurry-up-and-do it don’t ask for permission, and its better (for a fascist duping the remains of democratic process) to later simply say you’re sorry. Its nothing to laugh at and as the ‘system’ hits the wall of people around the world getting fed up with the -at best- utterly irresponsible and violent methods, those who do-or-die claw their privileges away from any form of balance. Governance is now quietly as possible twaddling ‘golden parachutes’ by hook or by crook. And yesterday’s debacle seem to point directly to the latter…


The way I see it, Assad is a thug and no doubt would have little compunction in using chemical weapons, but so far I have not seen any proof of the allegations that Assad is culpable. And to me, the problem with Assad is this: Assad is Russia’s thug not our thug!


Stop the Hillary BS…she’s not in power. Talk about the buffoon who IS in power you tiresome toad.
What she would do is IRRELEVANT. And besides, like her or not, on her worst day she will spin circles around Trump. This guy is a clueless, ignoramus with ill-gotten power at his disposal. Only in America can such insanity occur.


Who would do something so stupid knowing there would be retaliation? The fact is he didn’t. The whole thing was rigged to allow for a Desert Stormy distraction…so that Trump can “appear” presidential and declare “MIssion Accomplished” like his idiot predecessor. Watch what happens now. Just like his predecessor, he will be embarrassed when the mission is far from accomplished and blows up into an international incident. Guess Trump wants to be just like Dubya when he grows up!!!


One of the points to emphasize here, that is touched upon and I think it is truly valid.

Inspectors were scheduled to visit the site of the last alleged gas attack today. It appears the US did not want to wait until results were in.

Mattis didn’t positively assert any solid evidence linking a chemical attack with Assad. Now the assertion is that the US has that evidence but it is classified. How convenient.

Previous assertions of Assad’s use of chemical weapons to my knowledge were never sufficiently proven.

The US has of course no ground to stand on this issue anyway, as you know.

Any assurance that Mattis has prevailed any sort of sanity in this instance sets the bar so low, it may as well be lying on the ground.


Blackwater / XE / Academi has conveniently disappeared from any main-stream reporting. Since Prince left the US to be big-boy-pants mercenary, the ‘family’, increasingly mafia-like, for the .10% in the real globalization that eschews the 20th century nation-state model for full blown neo-feudalism.

From the NYT four years ago:

“Even determining how many private security contractors are employed by the United States government is nearly impossible because the contracts are often opaque, subcontractors do much of the work on the ground and some of the business is classified. State Department officials refused on Tuesday to provide statistics on how many contractors it uses today.”


My question is what are the roles of the global mercenaries? Crickets…???
From 2016 - Blackwater/Academi Mercenaries Procured By United Arab Emirates Are Now Fighting In Yemen

The silence is deafening!


Forget about the Democrats.

There is not a spine or a pair of testicles amongst them all.


No disagreement on any of your main points. But, based on reporting—hell, his public comments this week—Mattis opposed the bombings. And, when it came to it, they were about as ineffectual and soft as they were last year. Facilities evacuated, no Russians injured.

We don’t know what happened in the situation room, but I bet Bolton wanted to do a lot more.