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Congress Urged to 'Do Its Job' As Democratic Leaders Shrug at Trump's Illegal Air Strikes


Excellent point, to add that to the sorry mix.


Reporting that I have seen is that Trump and Bolton both wanted a much broader and sustained attack.

So that is the bar I’m speaking of, that Mattis a war monger to the nth degree, ends up being the moderating factor against an insane person who sees the US war machine as an extension of his clucking ego.

That prediction, as to why I always thought (and not just me of course) Trump was obviously the much more dangerous candidate when it came to military action of US Empire e.g., without the Pentagon pushing back, Trump/Bolton would have possibly had the US in direct confrontation with Russia right now, seems to have been quite accurate.





That mission is not yet accomplished.

Last night as well as today MSM was still discussing the Cohen connection.


Just made a bit of an edit…lost track of my run-on sentence.


There literally is, the Democrats exist and in our system they are the opposition party at the present, since they are not in power. However, since they are so thoroughly corrupt, they agree with the right more than they disagree and propose no actual alternatives that would benefit working people and the environment. You are correct in saying that there is no real opposition, and I am correct in pointing out that in this rigged system, the other party not in power is the opposition.


How many branches will our new government have?

How will autonomous democracy direct the new government?


Get your out your ass. HRC was the last SOS who was leading the charge to overthrow Ukraine. She was leadership in the overthrow of Libya and the weapons and WMD from Libya was sent to Iraq to our terrorists for Obama’s overthrow of Syria. If you think the war in Syria is a civil war you are just ignorant.

HRC is a NEO-CON and they are always in power.


Points for “Desert Stormy”. At one time, to Trump, she was “Dessert Stormy”, and ultimately, counter to his allegedly assuring Stormy a reward he would ultimately “Desert Stormy”.


Mad Dog Mattis, a military, lifer has prevailed in being in the Trump swamp, what more proof does one need that your post is right on target! Only the most naive could call Mad Dog Mattis “sane”!


The Inauthentic Opposition Party is a FUCKING JOKE. We now have along with fake news, false flag operations for fake wars.


Thanks for your excellent reply.


what if russia bombs michigan because of their poisoned water? this stuff is getting too much out of hand.


Once again Pelosi and Heir Schumer still haven’t seen a war they aren’t willing to send someone else’s children off to die in.
Funny how we told Syria that this was punishment for using chemical weapons. No mention of course of the multiple sided civil war that’s still going on that is of course being fully funded and waged at the behest of the Wests largest miltary contractors and the nations they control.
“You can murder as many people as you want out there, just don’t let us catch you using serin gas!”


This reminds me that the Magna Carta of 1215 was between the king and his barons and they both could care less about democracy and rights for those suffering under feudalism. Today, in the US the barons are the robber barons running wild and they still could care less about the plight of the people.


And exactly what Dems and/or “independents” have been (or are) calling for impeachment. The Dems and their allies calling for impeachment is as likely a scenario as Obama going after his predecessors for multiple war crimes and crimes against humanity. He didn’t have the time because he was so busy committing his own.


It’s more likely that the U.S. will use drones to go after the people who are fighting for clean water.


Unfortunately the slaughters and environmental degradation of the permanent wars are not fake.


Here we go again


Obama planned it and then backed out, so he didn’t do exactly the same thing—which is why the Re-THUG-licans are still excoriating him, for being “weak.” Hillary would have bombed Syria, as she was reportedly one of the hawks urging him on to attack Syria.