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Congress Urged to 'Do Its Job' As Democratic Leaders Shrug at Trump's Illegal Air Strikes


A previous “vice president” from whom we might expect to hear…nada.


Innocent until proven guilty, my ass.

Assad’s use of chemical weapons last Saturday – unproven.

Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction – unproven

Iraq’s involvement in 9/11 – unproven

USA’s hard-on for tomahawk missile launches - PROVEN


Obama didn’t take military action but he succeeded in getting Assad to give up all his chemical weapons. The Russians said he complied. Maybe didn’t give up everything. Is he now making these weapons or getting them from somewhere else? Given the situation in Syria it is hard to get proof of anything. In any case the UN should investigate and try to find out. Congress should be more demanding but Trump is a lost cause. He doesn’t play by the rules. He tries to get around the rules or even break them. The people who voted for Trump have put all of us in a very precarious situation.


Your comment is on the mark but I think most people post here to attack the Democratic establishment, the DNC, and Hillary Clinton. So while your comment appears to speak the truth it is unfortunately a waste of time. It is almost impossible to describe how bad Trump is if you believe in democracy, the Constitution, etc. However, others such as the neo-Nazis think Trump is doing a pretty good job.


Semantics, Joan? OPPOSITION means to OPPOSE…and not just because they ain’t the ones in power! I don’t see the damnocrats in that role. Sorry…


Trump is following the policies of the Clinton-side Democrats, the ones who mostly hold office. There’s not going to be any Congressional action to discourage this.


You have to keep in mind that at the very least Schumer and Diane Feinstein are most likely either direct agents of Israel or very, very sympathetic to Israel. And Syria is a threat to Israel as Israel sees it. The US has been the proxy military force in the area for quite a long time now.


First I must say that ol’ Chuck Shumer is looking rather thin these days…wonder if all the capitulating is making him lose weight fast?..But the main thing is the Dem’s are not gonna do anything to rub their corporate masters the wrong way…nuthin’ to see here, folks…keep on moving, it’s just another massive illegal war-action


The Kurds needs to realize with the Turks are out to destroy them and the Americans’ history of abandoning allies, their only recourse is to align themselves with Assad and the Russians if they want to survive. Better to be part of nation building than get into a battle they cannot win.


I don’t disagree with you, and it isn’t semantics. What I said was accurate. More like nuance.

Opposition party means a party in opposition to the party in power. Are the Greens that party, Libertarians, Democratic Socialists? I’ve already lost interest in going on any more though.


Syria is one of three nations that are monetarily independent, whose central banks are not Rothchild banking entities.

The other two? Iran and North Korea, we’re coming for you next.


Hillary and the corrupt corporate military loving Democrats are the reason we have a game show host as President. Nothing will change until all of us recognize how totally vile this system is. It is impossible to solve the problem until you know what the problem is.


So have I. I cn’t break through your semantic problem. Be Well…


The people who nominated the second most disliked candidate in history put us all in very precarious situation.

There, fixed it for you.


I recall Obama being quite resistant to any objections to attacking Syria, and that it was a result of Russian involvement that cooled things off. I’m pretty sure Obama not only called for attacks, but did so for retaliation against the use of chemical weapons, NOT as an inducement to get Syria to get rid of them.


Excellent point!


Syria’s infrastructure is not intact. The place is already bombed out. But, Regime Change War has failed.


I meant Assad’s military infrastructure. From everything I’ve read, it’s just fine.


Trump is poised to bomb the crap out of the Amazon Rainforest.


In 2013, after Assad attacked an area outside of Damascus, Obama requested an AUMF. Hawks were pounding him for doing nothing. The same Congressional hawks refused to give him authorization, yet were on television constantly, criticizing him for his lack of strategy, whatnot. This was a neat trick, and one the cable media seemed to love because it featured their favorite voices—hawks.