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Congress Urged to 'Do Its Job' As Democratic Leaders Shrug at Trump's Illegal Air Strikes


Yes, he would plus where is the outrage that these strikes are in our name??? Disgusting. The selfish US must want something in Syria or else we wouldn’t be there.


What??? And what for???


Good grielf- give the SHillary a rest already. The reason we have Dump is multifold - apathy, corruption, money, corruption , anger at the “system” that rescued Wall Street or that one that allowed the mortgage crisis in the first place, confusion - I heard even families are breaking because of this. The more broken we are- the more power a corrupt system has. It is not just the parties, it is the system. How many times do we have to mention the same old thing?


The more you obsess about this imbecile, the more power you give her. Maybe she’ll die soon- then we don’t need to hear about her.


The DNC and RNC are from the same party the Empire Party war death and bold profits


Obsess? Not at all. She is a washed up has been and will not succeed at anything other than being annoying. That goes for the the democratic party as well. They refuse to wipe their ass of her. All our leadership failed in the last decades as we fail to stand up for the rule of law. We have allowed corruption to take over our government. The parties swap turns squeezing the people for the last of their hard earned dollars. Does it matter which party has your nads in a vise? Nope it only mattered that no one stood up to them.


sott.net says the chemical attack video was shot on April 7 when explosions in some basements caused people to be sent to the hospital. People then came in screaming and splashing water on them.


“Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) called the president’s missile strikes in Syria early Saturday morning “appropriate,” though President Trump ordered the military action without the consent of Congress.”

“Appropriately” covering up for the real perps.

Democrats on their way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Direct Democracy NOW!


Of course Schumer supported the bombing. He is an Israel firster


Assad has not done any chemical attacks. Only American/Israeli/Saudi mercenaries have used chrm weapons supplied by their sponsors.


He also makes dinner himself for poor people and lets them use his personal bathing facilities.


Exactly. “But, but, but they are better than the Republicans!!!” froth the Blue Team supporters. And thus the LOTE argument goes on and on and on, and ever-rightwards drifts the nation and the discourse.

Nope. These less-than-useless pieces of shit will never EVER get my vote, until I see something better from them than “we are not Republicans” (which, actually, is a false statement anyway).


You didn’t break through anything. You’re the one arguing semantics. The Democrats are literally the opposition party right now, and they’re not opposing anything. If you want to point out where I am wrong in saying this, the floor is yours.


It was also missing in Iraq . . .

Any chance anyone in our CIA/corporate media reminding viewers of that?


And as I remember it, “W” began attack on Iraq forcing the UN Inspectors out of
Iraq before their mission was completed … (?)


Can we really expect the little corporate-fascists to stop the big corporate-fascists?


That’s the way I remember it also.