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Congress Urged to Reject 'Hostage-Taking' as Trump Threatens to Veto Any Covid-19 Bill That Doesn't Cut Social Security

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/17/congress-urged-reject-hostage-taking-trump-threatens-veto-any-covid-19-bill-doesnt


This one should be fairly easy, even for Nancy and Chuck. You send him the stimulus package and dare him to veto it. His handlers know that a veto of a stimulus that benefits his richest donors and poorest dumbest supporters, would be the final nail in his electoral coffin.
There’s an old coaching adage I remember applies to this situation. If your opponent wants to continue fucking up you would be a fool to stop him. Trump is standing there with a gun to his head saying that if we take one more step he’ll shoot.


Tea Party … Trump IS killing Grand Ma, medicaid, medicare and on the verge of stealing your social security. Is that crickets I hear?


At some point a-holes must be called out for what they are.


Well said and very logical, unless, of course, there is some sort of complicity with the Democrats.


3 words:


I would submit that the orange one and the already intentionally self-bloated (corporate buy-back form of cannibalization - remember they wanted their construct to be made a ‘person’- you cannot make this $#it up)) are attempting to hanging a ‘sword of Damocles’ over our situation as a 21st century re-public (think about that one - think re- tread). The mirror world of ‘feel good’ historical terms to try and make the public believe that their intentional usurpation of the mechanisms to aid in the conduct of a healthy economy and society (note the singularity) will result in something familiar rather than the exponentially deepened depression they want to con-de-struct to claw possession over what they “think” (theres a laugh) they should control. If it weren’t so tragic it would be comic.

Social Security - which you spend your earning life paying into, with contributions measured to address localized economic realities, does not fit with the fantasy of the right of kings. Beware of men in suits that bear pins of allegiance, MAGA declarations et al. If they were true to the good of all they wouldn’t need to have to distract from working together to correct the bullshit these cretins have shoveled onto the planet and all forms of life. The latter being another indicator. Why is the recognition of the interconnectedness of all life something so anathema to the criminally extractive cabals? Rhetorical question of course, but MUST be posed with answers demanded.


That’s all a bunch of “librul” lies and hoaxes to them.

As Paul Krugman says the Republicans are deluding themselves if they think they have the upper hand in negotiations with Democrats over the next stimulus package. If the stimulus doesn’t happen and the economy goes into free fall it will be Trump and the Republicans who will be blamed. It will only add to a bigger wipe out of this President and his Party come November.


Complicity with Democrats? Would you ever expect anything else? Two words guaranteed to send chills of fear down my spine - bipartisan legislation.


Americans want social security cut. They’d rather spend that money imprisoning people and building weapons. Its all they’ve voted for since 1980 or longer.


If you cut the payroll tax by 1% and eliminate the cap on income to which that tax is subject would that result in more or less total revenue?

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You can safely bet your life savings on the Democrats going along with this. As you recall Obama was all on board with cutting social security. Both parties want you to be destitute on behalf of their oligarch masters.


Should be, but won’t. Trump has now given them the excuse to put the cut to Social Security in. They work so well together.

The first part of this conditional isn’t the problem, as you well know, it’s the second half that will never happen, and that is the problem for the rest of us. For TPTB, not so much.

So that’s where the cricket in my head come from. I wish they would shut up.

Could you be referring to the democ®at-food commission?

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Murkins are too stupid to see the 1 degree of separation between the relief and the attack on SS.

I haven’t run a sprint in many years but count me in.

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See: appropriations, military

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Among other outrages.

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