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Congress Urged to Repeal Program That Transfers 'Weapons of War' to Local Police

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/01/congress-urged-repeal-program-transfers-weapons-war-local-police

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Stop giving the military the weapons in the first place and stop authorizing any more wars all of which have been illegal. Then the murderous cops attacking those they are supposed to protect and serve can’t even have access to such weapons to begin with.


Congress also needs to rescind the 1994 Crime Bill Clinton signed and Joe Biden helped write!
"Asked in an interview if he felt shame for his role passing a law that has been the subject of so much criticism, Biden answered, “Not at all,” and boasted of its successes — among them putting “100,000 cops on the street.
The increasing violence and unjustifiable killings with impunity by the police business and jobs program, was empowered by that Crime Bill and Joe Biden. Such is the legacy and complicity of the Democratic Party to today’s cop killings and violence against the people!

"The Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 — or AEDPA — signed by Bill Clinton is another diminution of our civil rights - “its impact has been profound, particularly when it comes to a bedrock constitutional principle: habeas corpus, or the right of people in prison to challenge their detention”

Our nation and people’s legal protections sold-out for political gain, expediency and ego - a reality that is very much part of the struggle today, and all is still protected by a corrupt DINO party apparatus that puts personal gain and political advantage over public policy and protections!.



The proliferation of the Police State in America is a result of Duopoly politics, a complicity of the two corporate war parties that have been supported by 95% of the voting electorate, to protect the property and assets of the corporations and the wealthiest 1%.

Do not be surprised if both parties fail to push this bill as they are being “paid” not to.


This has always struck me as one of the dumber government programs (which says something…)

The legitimate purposes of police and the military are antithetical, and the notion that the police need let alone should have miliatry equipment is beyond bizarre.

Could someone explain to me how having armored personnel carriers advances the mission of “serve and protect”?


This would be a big first step in bringing some humility to the local police departments and bringing them back under local control of the communities not having Washington and the Pentagon see local law enforcement as just one part of a whole big national police/military force. We need this. We need massive reform as Asset forfeiture laws and limits to police ability to basically steal cash from drivers. Elimination of police unions and officer bill of rights will be other good steps. Individual police officers need to know that they can no longer expect high paid lawyers and other resources and support when they break the laws.