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Congress Wants More Protections for Cops While Ignoring Police Reform


Congress Wants More Protections for Cops While Ignoring Police Reform

Kanya Bennett

An “empty gesture” — that is the term that Rep. Jerrold Nadler, Democrat from New York, used to describe H.R. 5698, the Protect and Serve Act of 2018, which creates a new federal crime for targeting law enforcement officers.


The media makes much about Cops being “Targeted” when In fact the number of Police officers killed in the line of duty has dropped regularly over the past years. The majority are in fact killed In Car accidents. 2017 saw the lowest number of deaths in some 50 years. 44 were in fact killed by firearms etc or in deaths not deemed accidental. It is in fact a safer profession and not even in the top 10 of most dangerous.

The jobs that see MORE workers killed while at work are things like loggers, construction workers, truck drivers and the like but even as THIS legislation being promoted , regulations passed to make these other jobs safer are being reapled by the Governmnent as it deemed to much “red tape” and it claimed it affects job creation.


How can Murka have a police state without more protection for police ?


Nothing is more jingoistic than hero-worship of the uniform.


I’ve never understood why some lives are more important than others. Cops kill with impunity and nothing happens. A cop gets killed in the line of duty and it’s God Save the Queen time. Citizens 0, cops 10; quite uneven if you ask me. I know there are justified killings when the crook is stupid enough to flash or shoot a gun in and around a cop well; that’s his problem and it does happen. Tough for the bad guy. But let’s say a cop gets murdered off duty; is that now a hate crime? A lot of murders are because of an enraged hate at the moment. Humans lose all rationality when angered and the, what I call the lizard brain takes over. That’s for sure what happens to cops when they kill someone because they’re ‘scared’. This fascist militarization just shows how far we’ve come. They used to beat the shit out of malcontents with clubs now the rush in in armored personnel carriers and “real” fully automatic assault weapons. What next? Bazookas and 60mm cannons?


Answer: Make even more arcane laws to protect the bastards. Then make it a hate crime to look at them funny, arrest, convict and throw away the key in the biggest prison complex since the Soviet Gulag.


They’re probably killed when distracted by looking at the computer screen while trying to drive. It’s like texting on acid, I dare anyone to be able to drive like that without wreaking their car. I’ve driven on acid and if your rowdy friends don’t get too exuberant it’s no biggy. Distractions are the most common form of auto crashes, cops included. A dropped smoke a dropped joint or Big Mac falling in one’s lap, they all can spell disaster. Falling asleep at the wheel is the second most common, that’s how I totaled my car in '09, last car I owned. I nodded off real early in the morning going home from a clinic and it was a three car doozy. My dad took the insurance money because he thought I was drunk. I did have open bottles in my car but stashed them before the cops got there and took me to the hospital. If one is driving beware of cop cars on the road as they may have their face in their PC instead of on the road.


You can’t reform rot

You can only remove it


Be warned extra protections for the police is all about rich versus poor. The rich sending the police out to kill and suppress the poor and having a licence to kill, only the poor of course.


This US hyper militarized police state is a major threat to the American people. Civil Asset Forfeiture makes the people as the enemy, get stopped driving without no crime having taken place and lose everything of value to the goon squad thugs. This is a strong deterrent to traveling the nation’s highways freely from my viewpoint.