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Congress Wants to Cut Your Health Care — And Billionaires’ Taxes


Congress Wants to Cut Your Health Care — And Billionaires’ Taxes

Chuck Collins

Members of the House GOP were in a hurry on May 4 to pass their bill to gut Obamacare. They rushed it through before anyone even had a chance to check its cost or calculate its impact on people’s access to insurance.

Their urgency, however, had little to do with health care. The real reason for the rush? To set the table for massive tax cuts.

Indeed, the House health plan would give a $1 trillion boon to wealthy households and pave the way for still bigger corporate tax cuts to come, as part of the so-called “tax reform” they’re pushing.


This article implies that it’s only the R-party who acts in the interests of its big donors.

But both halves of the duopoly do it–both halves serve the oligarchy.
Both halves practice revolving door regulation.
Both halves furnish their retirees with high-paying lobbying jobs.
Both halves support perpetual war.
Both halves love leaks that benefit them, and hate leaks that target them.

I assert that the best way to change all that is to destroy one of the halves. And right now, the D-Party has been fashioning their own destruction by abandoning their working class base in favor of courting moderates. It looks like they’ll gamble on the same game plan in 2018, hoping that anti-Trump sentiment carries them to victory–of course that means they won’t have to actually support any progressive policy…as usual.