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Congress Went to Israel On AIPAC's (Many) Dimes But There Was No Lobbying On the Iral Deal No Siree Bob Not At All


Congress Went to Israel On AIPAC's (Many) Dimes But There Was No Lobbying On the Iral Deal No Siree Bob Not At All

With only weeks until Congress votes on the nuclear deal with Iran, fear-and-war-mongering efforts by AIPAC - Motto: "Israel = good, everyone else = enemies of Israel" - are in overdrive: Their new anti-Iran group has spent $40 million on over-the-top ads across the U.S., they've flown in scores of activists to lobby Congress, and they just took all but three freshmen House members on a junket to Israel while insisting they're not trying to influence anyone, no way. Still, over 300 rabbis just ripped AIPAC's "false and dangerous message," and urged Congress to approve the deal.


Nutanyahoo and his Gangster Cronies in Israel and the U.S. don’t want any Peace what so ever in the Middle East- This would hurt their arms sales profits and might hinder the building of settlements that are gobbling up the last parcels of land left for the Palestinians-
These people don’t want peace, they want it all- They want the entire Middle East for themselves- They are Pigs in what they have done and Pigs in what they plan to do…I have no respect what so ever for these greedy and blood thirsty bastards…


I agree with most of what you say, but, to anthropomorphize the gross gluttony of specifically human constructs of political distortion onto innocent creatures we call pigs perpetuates a dissociative cognitive break that short-circuits and weakens the import.


Why would Iran want to spend billions to develop an atom bomb when it just signed a mutual defense pact with Russia and China?

Will military meanies really want to expand endless war to an Iran with Russia and China as allies?

There must be another small and weak country where the US can overthrow democracy and bomb innocent civilians.


I agree. There’s Burma, of course. What about Laos? Or, how about Iceland in the summer months, only. They’re small and drones and bombs won’t make them feel so lonely. Possibly, Uruguay in the fall? Then Argentina in the months of spring. And, then we can take the winter off and go to the RV park in Florida, Texas or Arizona and forget about it all. As the dead pile up and the bombs constantly fall, we can recite The Torah aloud and quote The Bible and still have some fun, after all. " Convert or die " is our business model as well a our religious call. And, of yeah, I almost forgot; God bless us one and all.