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Congress Went to Israel On AIPAC's (Many) Dimes But There Was No Lobbying On the Iral Deal, Nope, No Siree Bob, None At All



" Ipso Facto ".


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When did president Slick Oily or Secretary of State John Kerry go on TV and spell out to the amerikan people exactly what it was that Iran had done that was in violation of the 1970 Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty or any other international treaty or law? What did Iran do that warranted such heavy economic sanctions and the threat of war if they did not submit to amerikan and israeli demands? I remember in October of 1963 President John Kennedy addressing the nation about the Russians installing ICBM's on Cuban soil just 90 miles from the US mainland. He showed the amerikan people, the UN and the world reconnaissance photos that showed the missiles, silos and support equipment. What proof were the amerikan people given showing wrong doing on the part of Iran?
As far as these 50 freshman representatives going to Israel to have a personal face to face with Nutsandyahoos, I seriously question their loyalty to the United States! AIPAC should be forced to register as a foreign agent on US soil! And perhaps the FBI should make themselves useful and start keeping track of all of the amerikan elected representatives having so much contact with lobbyists of a foreign country!
USS Liberty June 8th, 1967, 34 amerikan sailors killed 100+ wounded by Israeli gunboats and fighter jets. The attack lasted two hours!
Beirut Lebanon October 23rd., 1983 The deaths of 241 US Military peace keeping personnel 16 months after Israel invaded Lebanon and 13 months after the Israeli overseen massacres of Palestinian refugees at the Sabra and Shatila refuge camps. President Ronald Reagan allowed US UN Ambassador Jean Kirkpatrick to veto several resolutions brought against Israel for the invasion of Lebanon and the massacre of Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatila refuge camps!