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Congressional Democrats Call on FBI to Investigate Their Political Adversaries’ Kremlin Ties


Congressional Democrats Call on FBI to Investigate Their Political Adversaries’ Kremlin Ties

Glenn Greenwald

Leading House Democrats on Tuesday sent a letter to FBI Director James Comey, which they promptly published, asking the agency to investigate whether the Trump campaign and the Russian government have entered into a joint plot “to interfere with the U.S.


I love it how the Dems are adopting every last ugly, thuggish tactic of the Republicans and how Liberals refuse to notice.



Just as Trump’s proposal to build a wall (when more Mexicans have departed the US than arrived since 2008) serves to distract voters from issues of consequence, the Democrats’ Russian hacker hunt will distract voters from issues that actually affect them.

Young voters realize that voting for the Green Party (that is active in dozens of nations and faces issues of domestic and global consequence head on) makes sense while voting for red and blue domestic anachronisms that ignore or bury issues of consequence puts their future at risk.


Thank you Glenn. This latest move is both a cast of guilt for the damning emails and a set up for a confrontation with Russia, our old stand by enemy.
There is nothing the Dems won’t do these days and Hillary’s reaching out to the Republicans smacks of visions of one party governing.
Come on, you know she dreams of that.
This just sickens me it’s so low and old. And they wonder why the party is losing supporters.


New show out on t.v.called Brain Dead. It is exactly what we are seeing in all the crazy behavior.


Please please please let this backfire, by having the FBI investigate and finding out that a lot of so-called “critics of America” care more about the country and have more to offer than the typical neo-liberal hack.


Who in the White House writes these comedies?
This beats Monty Python! Who said the USA has no sense of humour?