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Congressional Energy and Climate Committees Are Loaded with Ex-Fossil Fuel Lobbyists


Congressional Energy and Climate Committees Are Loaded with Ex-Fossil Fuel Lobbyists

Steve Horn, DeSmogBlog

Though the U.S. Congress has been in session for two months, much of the policy action which has taken place since Donald Trump assumed the presidency on January 20 has centered around his Executive Orders.


The fossil fuel industry is committing genocide. All human life on planet earth will become extinct within the next 500 yrs. if we do not leave it in the ground. These lobbyists belong in prison not Washington D.C. Most of us seem to be too ignorant to realize what is happening to our planet and our lives. For the first time in modern memory, in the 'developed' world, human life span is decreasing. The Christian right, fox news, the money mongering corporatists and groveling politicians have spent decades dumbing down America. Unbelievable what dumb ass brain washed cowards Americans have become.


Christians have a plan. Read the last book of the bible, Revelations.That is the plan. Christians are driving as hard as they can to create a self fulfilling prophecy of the Apocalypse. It always strikes me as ironic that the people who live in Israel don't see that the reason the Christians support them is to fulfill the prophecy of Armageddon, where they all get wiped out by the forces of evil. Blood running everywhere!!! Then the forces of good(the Christians) come in and wipe out the evil forces. The mother of all battles. In the end the Post Apocalyptic World is left in smoldering ruin. Of course the Christians will all go to heaven. SO, yes, the Christians have a plan. Sorry to be so dark.


If one lies on a job application, and is discovered, usually the Employer retains the right to terminate the Employee, for said offense.

Of course, in the US, punishment is only for the 99%.

Swamp ain't drainin', folks.


What are these deniers and corporatists going to do/say as the climate keeps up it's extreme events? The physics is undeniable. We have a planet next door that demonstrates runaway green house effects.
Prudent self interest would entail reducing CO2 where ever it comes from!