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Congressional Noose May Tighten Around Saudi Crown Prince as Haspel Testifies


Congressional Noose May Tighten Around Saudi Crown Prince as Haspel Testifies

Juan Cole

The Trump administration was so annoyed by the line of the Central Intelligence Agency that Saudi crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman ordered the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi that it appears to have kept director Gina Haspel from testifying to Congress last week alongside Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis. Pompeo contradicted leaks from the Agency, saying that there was no direct reporting of Bin Salman’s complicity.

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May a real “noose tighten” until completing the task of justice for the pre-meditated assassination of Jamal Khasoggi!


So Haspel thinks The prince “unbalnced and a brutal murderer” . I guess she would know.

Again why on Earth are people like Haspel, Brennan, Clapper and their ilk suddenly see as knights in shining armor coming to save the day? Haspel oversaw torture. She no different then this Mad Prince.


I want a Congressional committee to torture & interrogate Pompeo just like they did to Hillary Clinton for 9 fucking useless hours over “Benghazi”. Believe me I am no Clinton fan, but what the Republican ass holes did to her was fucking disgraceful.

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“Haspel and her CIA analysts, in contrast, appear to believe that Bin Salman is a major threat to US interests in the Middle East because he is unbalanced and a brutal murderer.” This is funny in a sort of chilly and shuddersome way, isn’t it? Haspel, the Queen of Torture, worrying that MBS might be too mean.


Haspel is suddenly concerned about brutality.
The usually astute Dr. Cole fails to mention Israel.

It’ll make your head spin, yo.

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