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Congressional Progressive Caucus Offers A Real Alternative on Trade


Congressional Progressive Caucus Offers A Real Alternative on Trade

Robert Borosage

Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch just postponed the introduction of fast-track trade authority legislation until April.


So, who is this Congressional Progressive Caucus?


The CPC’s first principle is that the U.S. should commit to balanced trade.” The TTP has nothing at all to do with balancing trade and the CPC wants to make it the priority? I’ll tell you what the CPC is, Clueless Posturing Committee.




This is a great alternative. It will give the corporate spinmeisters and its political tools some trouble to demonize and trivialize. Or their captive press will simply ignore it.


Interesting that Elizabeth Warren isn’t part of this caucus …


Oh yes. Just as they offered a People’s Budget, which which was roundly ignored, both in Congress, and in the media.

Most CPC members voted in favor of the industry-penned ACA, most voted in favor of the NDAA, and precious few stood against the absurd and dangerous Ukraine Freedom Support Act.

Smoke and mirrors, is what the CPC are. Phony liberals. Fishfood for the rubes.


Interesting indeed. To give her the benefit of the doubt, it could be that she has not wanted to be demonized as part of this good but long demonized caucus.

The voting public hasn’t evidently realized that the corporate media demonizes whatever may be in the public interest if it is against the corporate interest. If that’s the case, she may be staying away from this controversy. What prospective candidate needs bad media publicity?

But I could be wrong. All candidates depend on Wall Street for their long term upkeep like our oligarch forefathers designed things.


Bravo! The CPC has it right on ALL counts.

Now if this data was actually debated or factually discussed throughout mass media, far more citizens would mobilize against this NAFTA on Steroids sure to plague this nation with more oil spills, food recalls, job losses, impossible debt, and overall horrors. As if the calculus that sent all the so-called Recovery monies up to the 1% are going to do anything but continue that process. After all, agreements like TPP enshrine rule for, by, and of The Corporations. This problem is global and part of a New World Order nexus that enables the few to control the many. And these days, rolling back on New Deal style promises, in several test nations they are undermining all of the protections and privileges that formerly made for an educated Middle Class.

Just as some note how Boston served as a model for a police take-over of a city, Austerity as imposed on the likes of Greece is a protocol intended for MANY other lands. These treaties ANESTHESIZE Labor and Environmental Laws. They turn profit into the one true arbiter of arbitrary justice, and leave citizens without recourse.

We’re ALL Ferguson now!


Did you bother to read its goals? They are excellent.


I have no problem with the CPC goals, but suggesting a list of objectives that are the antithesis of what the TPP is all about seems to me an exercise in futility. The CPC should be taking care of the first matter at hand which is to defeat fast track authority.


You have something against the concept of balanced trade?


I think the focus of opposition should be on transparency which is why Congress needs to deny Fast Track authority. Once the entire text of the TPP is made public, which will come with denial of Fast Track, then is the time to have the discussion about theoretical outcomes. If TPP is fast tracked through Congress it will pass and render pointless all proposed alternatives.


You can download the Alternative Trade Mandate from 50 NGOs on the Internet. States should be able to protect themselves from bank speculations and deregulation, fracking and parallel private 3-judge arbitration courts where corporations can sue states, states cannot sue corporations and the decisions are irrevocable.
John Hilary wrote a 42-page booklet “TTIP: Danger to Jobs and Sovereignty” that is available on the Internet. Reality can break into the Washington revolving door dystopia. The future could be full of community centers, free Internet books, exchanging roles, reduced working hours, labor-intensive investment, person-oriented work and cloud workers since reality is full of play, exuberance, mystery and surprise!