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Congressional Staffing for Dummies: The Pay Go Dispute


Congressional Staffing for Dummies: The Pay Go Dispute

Matt Stoller

In other to understand the conflict, which seems on the surface quite simple, you have to understand a bunch of things about Congressional process and budgeting. So let’s start with PayGo itself. What it is? #PayGo stands for pay as you go budgeting, a concept that in theory mean that bills Congress pass need to be deficit neutral. That is, each proposed program or law, if it costs money, should also bring in an equal amount of money through either taxes or other budget cuts.


My takeaway from this article is that pay-go is a profit-by-confusing and profit-by-complexity scheme that enables the politicians and their owners to manipulate taxpayers’ money.

“So why do people play this game saying we must reduce the deficit ?” should read: Why do REPUBLICANS play this game…? seeing how Thom Hartman’s article about Jude Winniski that CD ran on January 2, 2019 explains the genesis of the deficit scam.

Lets just say that Hartman’s article is a good DEFICIT SCAM FOR DUMMIES primer that begs the question: Why do Democrats keep playing along with the deficit scam ?


Thanks Matt, one more layer of the congressional onion has been pealed back.
“Goldman Sachs’s chief economist is an advisor to CBO. So is that of hedge fund D.E. Shaw. So are executives of bunch of healthcare corporations. These people have a formal role as a choke point in our legislative process as a sort of [ voice of god ] telling elected leaders what the costs and benefits of proposed legislation is, even though those costs and benefits are arbitrarily selected based on hidden political assumptions.”
I think we’ve just gotten a little closer as to why we live in a third world country, when it comes to healthcare, and one more entity that will need to be silenced, before we experience universal healthcare in this country.


Has the CBO ever weighed in on the “defense” budget that serially is approved by 89 of 100 Senators with no discussion or debate ?

Being the biggest corporate welfare scam the world has ever seen shouldn’t the “defense” budget be scrutinized at least a little bit ?

Perhaps CBO advisors being part of the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) that is the recipient of the “defense” budget means that will never happen ?