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Congressional Town Halls Become Forums for Anti-GOP Resistance


Congressional Town Halls Become Forums for Anti-GOP Resistance

Sue Sturgis

This week marks the first recess of the 115th Congress. Members typically use the breaks as a chance to return to their home districts and hear from the locals at low-key town hall meetings. But this year they're getting an earful as constituents mobilized by the election of President Trump have seized on the town halls to voice opposition to the Republican agenda as part of a campaign called "Resistance Recess."


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The biggest issue at these meetings seems to be the Affordable Care Act although you might think that a bigger issue would be these Republicans supporting fascism rather than defending democracy. Why did they vote against making Trump release his tax returns? Why aren't they calling for an independent or bipartisan investigation of Trump's connections to Russia and the charge that Russian interfered with the election? Why aren't they considering impeachment of Trump based on his conflicts of interest? Why aren't they demanding that Trump fire Steve Bannon, an alleged white supremacist and antisemitic? Why aren't they standing up for American values instead of cowering, afraid the Trump will come to their state and attack them if they say object to a fascist dictator being the president? There is a lot to shout about that these town halls.


"Why won't our U.S. senator meet face-to-face with us and hear our voices?": I'll venture at two guesses, 1. Being also a Canadian and a US senator he has the choice of two good healthcare policies, 2. Maybe the more likely, he is a coward.


"Blackburn .... said she wasn't aware that Trump had appointed advisor and white nationalist Steve Bannon to the National Security Council,"... (there's more)

Well, bowl me over with a feather!