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Congressman: 'Obsession With Austerity' Triggered Flint Water Crisis


Congressman: 'Obsession With Austerity' Triggered Flint Water Crisis

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The congressman who represents Flint, Michigan has lambasted what he says is at the heart of his city's water crisis: austerity.

Speaking at the White House Water Summit, which took place Tuesday, U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee (D) said, "I think the story of Flint, in part, is a story about water infrastructure. Because when we have aging infrastructure, particularly in Flint with so many lead service lines, we are at risk."


What is the underlying cause of austerity?

Capitalism bred leo-liberalism. Neo-liberalism bred neo-liberal austerity. One of the key components of neo-liberalism using governmental austerity is to reduce/cut public expenditures for social services that include:

  • Education,

  • Health care,

  • Infrastructure, and

  • All forms of " social welfare" to aid the poor and eliminate poverty. (Of course, corporate welfare in the forms of subsidies, tax loopholes, and government contracts are acceptable.)

Cutting governmental expenditures for social programs eases pressure on the government’s obligation to adequately tax the accumulated capital of the wealthy and huge multi-national corporations.

The ultimate result of government-forced austerity upon the working class and the poor is that it allows the capitalist ruling class to retain more (and continue to accumulate more) of their capital (wealth).

A capitalist system, whose prime directive is the production of capital, will work constantly to refine and improve its ability to do just that. It will continue until it is stopped by an external force of some kind, or it collapses under its own weight.

Source: http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/35210-growing-growing-gone-transforming-the-global-economy-before-it-s-too-late#14580053085781&action=collapse_widget&id=0&data=