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Congressman to Trump: If Your Healthcare Plan's So "Fantastic," Let Us See It


Congressman to Trump: If Your Healthcare Plan's So "Fantastic," Let Us See It

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Speaking to the nation's governors on Monday, President Donald Trump mused that "nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated," while reiterating that on repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, his administration has "come up with a solution that's really, really I think very good."

He similarly bragged to health insurers later in the day: "We have a plan that I think is going to be fantastic. It's going to be released fairly soon."


The emperor and his flying monkeys in the House, Senate, and WH HAVE NO PLAN and the insurance companies have informed them that there is going to hell to pay (hitting them, the insurance corps, where it hurts) dismantling the ACA, which is the real cause for the delay of releasing any plan.

What is reprehensible is the TOTAL LACK OF CONCERN that dismantling the ACA will effectively undermine/damage the health and well-being of more than 40 million people. I loathe their lies, their mean-spiritedness, their callous disregard for human life.


"...come up with a solution that's really, really I think very good." Wow, that's really, really I think very good verbiage.


Only "Hundreds rallied nationwide on Saturday to protest Republican efforts to gut the ACA and other vital healthcare programs."?????

That doesn't sound like much pressure????

Glad to see a Kennedy in this fight. Make sure he doesn't get into any airplanes or convertibles. The Bush insurance mafia will JFK him again.


This is just one more example of one more Trump lie. Ever since he showed up in DC in 1999, Speaker Ryan has had a plan to transfer funds from Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and into more corporate welfare programs. Trump will hold the door open for Ryan to make these dreams come true.

The only truth we have heard from Trump to date:

1) Yes, fake news has existed for years. Unfortunately Trump fails to mention that he and the GOP are second to none at producing fake news, even admitting to creating "alternative facts"..

2) Yes, rigged elections have existed for years. Unfortunately Trump fails to mention that he and the GOP are second to none in rigging the election process AND elections, and

3) Yes, keep Guantanamo open. We will need it to house Trump and the other crooked DC politicians when "the swamp" is drained and they are brought to justice.


Please understand we're dealing with a promoter who's an idiot at understanding this, and other, federal gov't programs. Gov. Enslee of Washington state said Trump doesn't have a clue how the ACA, Medicaid, Medicare or the VA work. Expect this bozo to show up with large orange feet, to match his hair, in the near future. He'll be in the one in an orange lab coat, in case you need another clue, too.
Trump likes boxing, especially punching down, obviously. However, he's only equipped to fight in the featherweight division. That's how stupid this chump is.


Hey you dumb shit, Trump, and all 535 congressman living in your own private Idahos. Every wealthy country in the world from Singapore to Taiwan to Japan to Italy to Ireland to Great Britain (even when they had right-of-Attila Thatcher) and 42 others all have government provided healthcare.

What kind of business is it when the people who need you most would bankrupt you if they were your customers? Here in the U.S. we have our collective heads so far up the corporate ass that we can't see what's obvious to everyone else in the world. Sad!


Maybe if we ignore him he will go away

Online Direct Democratic Party


We need a socialized healthcare system like Canada and Europe, cut back the damn pentagon's pork barrel trillion dollars of unaccounted for cash flow.


The WH Vulgarian "wants your input", please let him have it:

I am planning an open letter which I intend to send to the media and to the WH.


How sweet is this? For years we've had to listen to the GOP talk about getting rid of the ACA and how they could do better, blah, blah, blah and now they're showing the country that they've got nothing. And, best of all, even the until-now clueless trumpsters are starting to catch on...well, the smartest of the bunch, at least. This is clearly a case of 'give em enough rope, and they'll hang themselves.' Guess this last election was all about rope. Now, if we can just get the old dinosaurs in the DNC to step aside for new blood...and get corporate money out of politics.


I agree but try to convince the majority of americans that working for it would be good. Sure polls say that about 51-58% of americans support single payer, but the devil is in the details.
As soon as it is brought up, it becomes socialized medicine and support goes down the tubes. And as for cutting the military, too many believe the propaganda about how dangerous the world is and they are coming to invade us, better to fight them over there than here.
The american people are sheep and easily led. And those of us with common sense don't use the correct tactics of fear, anger, and hate to motivate them to do anything.


I have been listening to trump voters and he is still their hero who will do all he said. There is not a brain among them.


Considering he is just now saying that healthcare is difficult when many of us realized that long ago shows how little he knows.


I have relatives living in Canada, they love their healthcare system but are afraid of the American example. Healthcare in America is a total fraud, theft and woefully inadequate. As for fear mongering and repeating 100's of times a day how the president is protecting Americans, the "national security" and those terrorists out there. It is a scheme to rob us of our hard earned incomes and again rob us of our health and well being. The military is the elites private mercenary army, the are using our gullible sons and daughters as you and i both know in pursuit of greater wealth and dominion over the entire planet. Meanwhile our lives continue to suck.


Lock him up in the oval room and don't let him come out for 4 years. He has the fat reserves to survive it. If only we could get a consensus to ignore him.... The first president to be completely ignored. That would be a good one.


What you say has truth. I've known a lot of people who just didn't believe their vote matters and don't bother with voting. So, I've begun reminding them that Martin Luther King Jr marched and demonstrated so that everyone could have the right to vote. I remind them that he had a dream and when you don't go and actually vote you deny him that dream. I also have them consider that if he believed the right to vote matters enough to march for it, then shouldn't you also believe voting matters? That usually gets them thinking...


Indeed, which came first? Poverty and low wages or Socialism? Obviously, poverty and low wages did because socialism wasn't always around. Otherwise, no one would have had any interest in Socialism. Capitalism and industrialization did not "magically" lift up the masses from poverty as the proponents of the "Trickle Down Theory" attempt to mislead us into believing. Until employers cut into their massive profit margin and pay their employees living wages and hire on more staff just because they can afford to do so, Socialism will continue to be necessary. However, Socialism will always be necessary because there are many human needs that capitalism just doesn't provide any solutions for. Capitalism and Socialism need each other at least as far as I can tell. You know, a major hurdle to getting more jobs and higher wages is stockholders. A tax on stock trading/capital gains or whatever its called must be implemented.


The same should be said for those tax returns...let's see 'em.