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Congressman Warns US Could Be Prosecuted for War Crimes in Yemen

Congressman Warns US Could Be Prosecuted for War Crimes in Yemen

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) is warning the Obama administration that U.S. military personnel could be prosecuted for war crimes for their role in the Saudi Arabia-led coalition bombings of Yemen.


And that’s why the US reserves the right to bomb any country that wants to prosecute it for War crimes.


don’t forget Bush Chaney, Rumsfeld and all of congress


I can’t believe it. A Congressman that has not sold out is a rare thing.


It’s always refreshing to hear from a congressperson with a conscience.
A very rare breed indeed.


I would like to know who he is voting for.

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If the war itself is a crime, observing its “laws” is no defense


The US couldn’t care less that it is committing war crimes. It has been doing that for decades with no other nation having the intestinal fortitude to cal the US on it. Now, things may be changing and just perhaps the US will find itself in the docket where it has belonged for many years. with a nation as powerful and as full of hubris as the US is, the only real penalty it could suffer is Worldwide condemnation and moral ostracism!


hahahaha. my first reaction was, “my, he’s obviously a new hire.”
Sure enough, one term wonder. He probably should start penciling in the movers, because the Dems will eject his butt from that seat soonest.

But hey, it’s always nice to see them before they’re either corrupted or fired.


I do not know of any U.S. involved war in my life time that was entered into based on anything but illegitimate justifications, including WWII through today’s fraud, and where the hawking decision makers were and driven mainly by profit taker lobbyist and AIPAC type lobbies relationships with shady (my view) defense and intelligence government agency heads.


“U.S. personnel are now at legal risk of being investigated and potentially prosecuted for committing war crimes. Under international law, a person can be found guilty of aiding and abetting war crimes,” Lieu wrote. When was the last time that a US citizen was charged and found guilty of war crimes under international law?


Accusing the US of war crimes is a laughable moment since the US has been committing war crimes for decades–And the most horrendous are occurring in the ME. You can trace war crimes all the way back to Reagan (even further but he’s far enough for practical purposes). How about Kissenger? War criminal #1 and he’s an adviser to Obama, HRC, welcome at the White House and the homes of our elite and other war criminals.

The accusations and charges (and convictions in a global court) mean nothing.


Gee, it might get so that SOME Americans may not even be able to go outside our borders… for fear of …? Oh, isn’t there a couple like that right now?..


Only in Yemen, you are kidding me!. what about Irak, Afganistan Seria, Libia and many many other intervention, Japan, Philippines and Central and South America!.


If I remember correctly, the US Fourth Reich took care of that when the World Court put them on trial for mining harbors in Nicaragua. The Reich simply refused to recognize the court, or its jurisdiction.

  • If Al Capone had been able to do the same thing, the mob would still be running booze and drugs, in the open.
  • Oops! Come to think of it, it is. The main problem is that the mob bought the businesses and the banks, so they are legit now. No recourse to their endless shakedowns.
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