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Congresswoman Calls for Drug-Testing the One Percent, Not the Poor



Drug testing the one percent would be a practice in futility as their massive wealth gives them the power to avoid any and all prosecution. Drug testing the poor and then withholding life-sustaining subsidies is inhumane...use the funds wasted on drug testing to pay for rehabilitation programs for the afflicted. Be pro-active rather than reactive.


Go Gwen Moore!!! This is actually a practical and practiceable measure. Undoubtedly, most one-percenters would go for the standard deduction rather than bother getting the drug test. I love it!


I've been saying for a few DECADES, all political jobs need to be drug tested. How is it that they can vote that others get drug tested but THEY don't have to pee in a cup?

Don't many people have to piss for corporations to obtain and later keep jobs? Politicians should have the same treatment. Enough said.


Absolutely! Especially considering the havoc that the uber-rich can and have wrought in recent times; with the financial meltdown of 2008 as the most recent prime exhibit.


Now THIS is a woman I would vote for!


Gwen Moore: YOU GO, GIRL!


You are damned right on this, Congresswoman. I am sick to hell of the double-standards in our society, where the poor are targeted/blamed and the rich get away with murder. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, after all. If those receiving benefits are expected to pass drug tests, then why not the heads of corporations that get any federal, state or local money (for instance)?


But the obvious point is to raise the issue in an ironic way, and publicly shame the shameful and shameless idiots who keep pushing these ugly stigmatizing and counter-productive assaults on the poor. And specifically build opposition to Paul Ryan's ugly budget. Right on Gwen Moore.


No, her point is to build opposition to Paul Ryan's ugly budget.


The insufferable Scott Walker pulls more RepubliCon oppression for the poor and middle class out of his black bag while the rich and powerful enjoy multiple tax cuts gifting them billions.
The drug laws, especially against cannabis are an obscenity and planned mechanism to put the many under the thumb of the few - in the case of medicinal cannabis to gift and protect big-pharma profits selling/pushing their deadly poison "medicines"!
Safe and effective for many diseases and conditions, Medicinal cannabis (marijuana) offers millions relief and treatment without laundry-list deadly side-effects!

In NY especially, the DINO corporate-whore Andy Cuomo betrayed the Compassionate Care Act and struggle for medicinal cannabis legalization, making access so Draconian, onerous and complicated, it's a joke, but par for Cuomo's contemptible pro-corporate and vindictive nature!

The medicinal reform movement tried to get some VERY modest changes to Cuomo's restrictive access rules this week at close of session, but as usual the current "Three Men in a Room" political hacks that control the NY Legislature, would not even allow a vote on even those modest/timid proposals!
Patients still suffer from conditions where cannabis could provide safe and effective relief/treatment, but Andy Cuomo will not allow it to happen - big-pharma's money to politicians has assured that "compassionate care" will not happen in NY - only more profits for a few. Unless people have the absolute right to grow for their own needs, there is no real change to the war on cannabis or compassion!

"regulations for the medical marijuana program (in NY) are ludicrous, restrictive in the extreme, and are intended to make it difficult and costly to access medical marijuana. The proposed rules would create a framework that treats marijuana as if it were an illicit and dangerous drug rather than a well-studied and safe medicine that is used in palliative care and successfully treats a range of disease symptoms." Thank you Gov Cuomo!



Resist the phony war on Cannabis! Say YES to open access to medicinal cannabis, NOT corporate/big-pharma profits and continued government/police repression!


Did you miss the part that she is proposing a "legal basis" for requiring drug tests for recipients of State benefits for the wealthy? What? The 1% don't receive money in the form of subsidies, and tax deductions? Some of them are single lines written for benefit into the tax code. What, we trust some ginned up 1%er with that taxpayer money?

You are right Matt, we're doomed.

And by the way, Ryan's proposal absolutely targets the poor. His proposal targets the middle class and wealthy?


And let's drug test ALL the cops while we're at it (the foot soldiers for the 1%)


I like to correct one statement..."We might really save some money by drug-testing folks on Wall Street," she said, "who might have a little cocaine before they get their deal done." ' With some of the criminal deals they made I suspect they had a lot of drugs floating around their system


Is there a test for avarice addiction?


Blaming the victim is so trite and classless; but then that is not a surprise from the American upper management class who's lack of noblesse oblige is quite notorious.


Not interested in drug testing anyone, really. Paul Ryan is a little puke squat, fxck stick. When his balls finally drop, I'll listen to what he has to say. He acts like he could wear Uncle Mitchs' jock strap comfortably. Room to spare; if you know what I mean.


Paul Ryan can make anyone sick and, with his lack of compassion for people, he seems to be working as hard as he can to accomplish just that. Anyone that supports him should be ashamed.

I'm glad to see Gwen Moore stand up to him and his horrendous ideas.


sometimes obvious grandstanding is a good thing,and this is a rare example of that. When you're committed to working within this appalling system, you have precious few tools available to change anything. Shaming is one of the few that you can use, and Ms Moore does it superbly here.
Sure, it'll be laughed off, much like McKinney's shame-proposals used to be in Congress. But it'll still leave a bruise on their insatiable egos. And that's better than nothing if you're a legislator with zero power.
Thanks for calling them out, sister Gwen. The struggle continues.



We know that the poor take drugs less often than every other economic class, and that testing them is a sick joke.

Furthermore, what harm is a poor person who spends what little money they have on drugs, likely to do to the world whereas the likes of Scott Walker and Charles Koch have already done extraordinary harm to far too many people.

Thanks to gene testing, I'm optimistic that those without empathy will be barred from public office starting within the next decade.

Thanks, Gwen. Keep up the great work.