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Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Explains What She and Rep. Tlaib Planned to Accomplish Before Israel Barred Them

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/16/congresswoman-ilhan-omar-explains-what-she-and-rep-tlaib-planned-accomplish-israel

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Bringing attention to the real needs of Palestinian peoples.
Radio, newspapers, magazines today providing interviews, explanations, which help Americans gain a balanced viewpoint.
AIPAC will wait this bump in the road out and retain the same sales literature they have handed out since 1984.

What an apt year…

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Back then, Americans were more balanced in news reporting.
We provided the other middle east ambassadors equal attention.
TV, right now, 5:40 pm central time - Fox is whacking Omar.

Thanks to CommonDreams for posting Rep. Omar’s Twitter thread in its entirety. More than a few CommonDreams readers are not Twitter users, and they probably would not have been able to read the thread without the help of CommonDreams.