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Connecting Discontent with Austerity and Support for Migrants


Connecting Discontent with Austerity and Support for Migrants

Bridget Anderson

There have been two big shifts in British public debate in recent months. The first is the growing discontent with the politics of austerity, most evident in the startling election of Jeremy Corbyn. The second is the popular groundswell of support for refugees. A few months ago, who would have anticipated demonstrations proclaiming “Refugees are welcome here”? However, unless anti-austerity politics addresses migrants’ rights, and support for refugees extends to those marginalised by the cuts to welfare, both movements will be fatally weakened.


If global fiscal systems' mismanagement had not allowed for (no less enabled) 40% of the world's total wealth to fall into the hands of several hundred people, these conversations would not be necessary.

There IS more than enough to go around. The problem is one of distribution. It's as true of foodstuffs as it is of money (and similar could be said for voice or agency within society) for that matter.

All of the misbegotten wealth that stock market high-tech logarithms "produced" needs to be redistributed BACK to The People who work long hours, seek jobs, or otherwise find themselves the unwelcome recipients of poverty.

Systems change is a requirement and thankfully, this Pope is speaking up about it, as is Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders, and lots of others!