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'Conned' by Trump: Hundreds of Boeing and Carrier Workers to Lose Their Jobs


'Conned' by Trump: Hundreds of Boeing and Carrier Workers to Lose Their Jobs

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a move that appears to negate President Donald Trump's numerous vows to fight for American workers at risk of losing their jobs due to corporate outsourcing and layoffs, Boeing told CNN on Thursday that around 200 workers based in South Carolina would be fired in an effort to cut costs.


Meanwhile, north of the border...

What an ass-kisser Trudeau is!


The Carrier AC promise was one of the most unambiguous promises the clown was advised to make during the primary. When he won the presidency, he started to throw the components of that promise into the gutter, one by one. Not only should the "poor" not run the US economy, the "money obsessed" working class should also defer. Trump can not trust them to tow the "feed the oligarchy" line either. Who voted for this a-hole. Oh, I'm sorry, who voted for him to avoid having to vote for the vile Democrat Queen of Darkness.

"Lord, what fools these mortals be!" There were alternatives, solid ones. If you have to ask what or who, then you are already lost. Do we get to flip the coin? Heads is nuclear war, tails is global heating. Which one will be the first?




So what's new in the universe today?


Was it here that I just read a couple days ago that Trudeau was going around Trump on climate change and working with major and governors of the states especially bordering Canada.

What Trudeau did was disingenuous but that is the only way to get Trump's attention and/or consideration. He might be playing a longer game or he is just watching out for his great nation.


So do you think we will here it on Corporate Media or any media source that his loyal supporters get their news? Enough supporters have to be part of those thousands of jobs being lost.


"Carrier Workers to Lose Their Jobs". Humph, didn't Carrier Workers vote for Trump in large numbers? Didn't Trump fail to pay construction workers on his hotels? Well, then, why is anyone to feel sorry for Carrier Workers who voted for Trump in large numbers? Wasn't it P. T. Barnum who said, "A sucker is born every minute"?


And Zinke (secy of interior), Too-faced Tillerson (secy of status), Prince, Carson, Pruitt, etc. are summarily dismantling their cabinets and essentially crippling their agencies' purpose(s) and getting rid of as many employees as they can. Zinke alone is looking at doing away with 4,000 jobs in the Interior agencies.

Yet another "promise" that was not worth the breath it took to utter. Cruelty and sadism motivate this administration from top to bottom.


The workers of these plants, now being thrown into economic dustbin and resulting impoverishment, must now unite with the demand that these plants be seized under public nuisance laws, taken out of private ownership, and turned into socially owned, democratically controlled and worker managed economic enterprises.

This can be a first step towards building a new socialist economy that replaces capitalism, which profits a tiny minority for super-rich owners. These capitalist enterprises must be transitioned towards building an economy that provides a universal minimum standard of living for all working people.

A universal minimum standard of living includes socialized medical care for all, tuition-free education K-12 and through college and adult education, as well us potable drinking water, clean air, land free of pollution, safe "living wage" jobs for all workers. To do this the endless wars for profit that destroys millions of people worldwide must end!

Listen to economist and educator Richard D. Wolff http:rdwolff.com Economic Update radio program.
Read daily the World Socialist Web Site http:www.wsws.org


I don't think that Trudeau is playing four-dimensional chess. He is schmoozing for power.

Trudeau is not much of a champion of the environment either. Most of the serious action on global warming is being done at the provincial level - or at least some of the provinces - Ontario and BC mostly...


Tar sands. I believe nothing the Neoliberal Trudeau says about climate change and neither do the Indigenous peoples of Alberta.


I feel about these people losing their jobs similarly to how I felt about middle class workers that voted for Reagan. Sometimes a dumbass that voted with his guts and not his brains gets boned in the end.
That tightness you Carrier and Boeing workers feel in your anus right now? Yeah, that's trumps dick. Lucky for you it's little. However your discomfort is just begining. There's a line forming behind Trump. It's Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. And buddy, Ryan is going to work your shit over.
And there will be no reach around.


BTW, the Boeing layoffs since the oaf took the oath of office has laid off or forcibly transferred (without moving expenses and with loss of seniority) not hundreds but THOUSANDS with THOUSANDS more projected in Washington State. And after the state gave the Lazy B huge corporate tax breaks with their (Boeing's) "promise" (about as trustworthy as DJT's) to NOT export jobs out of the state. Ahhhahhhhahhaaa...BS. In addition, there are going to be hundreds/thousands more retirements coming up the next two or three years and that is a HUGE loss of brain trust when it comes to piecing together commercial and military aircraft. Oh, but robotics will fill that void, dontcha know.... But it is only about the bottom line, profits...such is the corporate way.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Thanks, I needed a good guffaw!!!


Likely that "[c]ruelty and sadism motivate" many Trump voters.


Trump is a pathological liar. A lot of us knew this way before the election. Well, South Carolina & Indiana went for Trump in the last election, didn't they, so the fact that these layoffs are occurring there seems appropriate. Karma is a bitch!


Sorry. He is a f&*$ing liar, and we knew that what 40 years ago?

And also sorry about this: those employed by Boeing work for the MIC (directly or indirectly--does no matter). Let's see the forest for the trees (new sprouts grow 100 ft tall daily).


And didn't they move operations to SC for its impoverished non-union workforce and "right to work law"?


Yup...and that is where many of the workers were told they could move (on their own dime and with the loss of seniority having to start at the bottom again in a Right-To-Work low wage state) in lieu of being laid off. The engineers and techs in the plants in WA were told they could 'transfer' to southern California (again, with no moving expenses and loss of seniority) in lieu of being laid off. The workers in SC tried to unionize and Boeing with the aid of SC thugs squelched that in a heartbeat. In SC, there is a very high turnover of technical workers and engineers (many only had two-year contracts, would you believe...so much for continuity especially when building an airplane that carries more than 300 people). The industry and customers worldwide know this, which is a major reason (that and the electrical/lithium battery problems with the new-age plastic/resin 787 built in SC primarily) that Airbus and Bombardier are getting considerably more customers for their aircraft. Only the 737 and 737 MAX are Boeing planes I will get on. But Boeing's major revenue stream comes from US military contracts, believe it or not.