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Conor Lamb's Victory Matters, and Paul Ryan Should Be Scared

Conor Lamb's Victory Matters, and Paul Ryan Should Be Scared

Charles P. Pierce

The fundamentally absurd subtext to Tuesday night’s extended exercises in the 18th Congressional District of Pennsylvania was that, by the time of the midterm elections this November, the district will not even exist in its present form. So, for a couple of months, Conor Lamb and Rick Saccone had been laying clubs on each other for the right to represent a district with, maybe, three months of life left in it.

Yep. People just love those Democrats:

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It’s not over yet. Repug’s are trying to confiscate the machines for the recount. If they pull this off expect Lamb to lose.


Conor Lamb won’t even support a single-payer, Medicare-for-All health care system. He doesn’t talk about expanding Social Security. He doesn’t want to ban assault rifles. He’s basically just another blue-dog corporatist. If this is the best the Dems can do, there will be no blue wave in 2018.


Ah the voting machines in PA: Very easily hacked. I haven’t heard the DNC,DCCC,DSC or any of those corporate Democratic shills taking a stand for paper ballots, Voter Verification Paper receipts, or doing away with the super delegates. That just isn’t an important priority for a party that lost. Over and over again.

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You have to wonder what he does stand for; and who brought (bought) him to the party. This should not have been a close election.

I get it, Lamb sucks because he isn’t like you or most of us here. You do realize though, that a lot of people just aren’t like us, right? I mean, to put it in perspective, Nixon got the majority of the white blue collar vote, as did Reagan (by huge amounts) and Bush. The only modern Democratic President to pull a majority of the white blue collar vote was the one you probably dislike most, Bill Clinton. He also left office the most popular president in 50 years.

If you need more evidence not all districts are full of secret progressives, check out the results from Tennessee 14.

Those who consider themselves independents do so because they fully understand there are no differences between Dems and Repubs.

If they want credibility, the Dems must give us something to work with. They must show us they really are different.

Elizabeth Warren could not bring 17 Dems onboard to regulate Wall Street.

This is a big deal for the Democrats. Lamb did not pass all the Bernie Sander’s litmus tests but he won in a conservative district. He showed how the Democratic Party can be a national party and not just a party of largely coastal enclaves. The party is big enough for progressives and centrists on the left. If the party is going to be win back power in DC and in many states that probably is what the party should be. Litmus tests are probably more appropriate in chemistry than in politics. The obsession with purity of positions on the right has gotten out of hand and now threatens to do so on the left. Maybe what we need is more common sense and I think Lamb has provided that in the race in Pennsylvania.

I don’t understand why you and the other Democratic Party apparatchiks are so frightened of simply being right on the issues. Success lies in finding the right solutions to problems, not triangulating one’s label as liberal, progressive, centrist, right wing or whatever.

  • You know, for example, that single payer healthcare is the only sane solution to our healthcare crisis.
  • You know (or should know) that Glass-Steagall served us well for over two-thirds of a century and that it’s repeal led to the Great Recession, yet you now seek to roll back the admittedly weak attempt to reinstate it a decade ago.
  • You know we shouldn’t be in Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria, yet you look the other way as the US Government pursues its endless wars and murders countless civilians with no accountability.
  • You know climate change is the most dangerous existential threat to all of us, yet you only pay lip service to addressing it – meanwhile, the planet burns.

You seem to have been successfully trolled by the Republican leadership into believing that you can’t
“win” running on the correct side of the issues and must therefore run as Republican-lite. Meanwhile, you totally ignore the evidence that a vast majority of the people actual agree with what you would call a liberal or progressive agenda and instead you hide from that agenda and try to run to the middle. As Jim Hightower famously noted, the only things in the middle of the road are yellow stripes and dead armadillos.

Lamb’s victory does not prove that a truly progressive platform would not have won the race, only that a Republican-lite platform would. We don’t know what a truly progressive platform would have done for him. Seems like his race proves that moving toward the left, not away from it, is the way to go.

Finally, your “Bernie Sander’s litmus test” reference is offensive, obtuse and lacking any support. His aren’t litmus tests, they are correct positions on the issues.

We definitely need more common sense, just not the kind you proffer here. The American people deserve more than to end up as dead armadillos.

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