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Conservation Group to Sue Trump Officials and Agency Over Delayed Protections for 11 Species

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/05/conservation-group-sue-trump-officials-and-agency-over-delayed-protections-11

Oh no-----how many creatures are being offed by Trump?
NO one truly understands all the complex relationships that insects, birds, and mammals actually have. And too, how complex and yet so interrupted all life on 21st century Earth is. Whether that relationship is with food , water or air—we humans are killing ourselves by killing our own environment. ; (

So true! My husband got me a white genoa fig tree for my birthday and when you look it up there’s a special fig wasp and neither one can survive without the other. That’s so magical. No, you take away one specie and you have no idea what lies ahead. Remember the uproar over the smelt fish? A tiny fish that lives in the Sacramento delta waters? The farmers wanted that water, and made fun of those Birkenstock-wearing hippies who were all worried about this stupid tiny fish. Well, there are bigger fish who like to eat that tiny fish, and the whole system could collapse without those stupid tiny fish.

Ah, and there was another uproar about a different fish who was getting sunburnt because of holes in the ozone layer and people were scoffing at the idea of being alarmed over a sunburnt fish. Well, I keep hoping we learn a lesson here!