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Conservative Christians Remain Silent About Suffering Bethlehem

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/21/conservative-christians-remain-silent-about-suffering-bethlehem

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This idea that people calling themselves Christian can’t be sadistic empire loyalists, and can be shamed about their supposed hypocrisy, has been false for 2000 years. Cut it out.

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“Conservative Christians” are always silent about the suffering of others.


With their unrepentant support of Drumpf these past 4 years, Conservative Christians in this country wouldn’t allow Joseph and Mary to stay anywhere on their properties.

They’d exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to run them out of their neighborhoods at gunpoint for fear of Middle Easterners would draw the wrong elements.


Conservative Christians have co-opted the teachings of Christ to the extent that its a safe bet that had they been around 2000 years ago they would have crucified Christ long before Pontius Pilate did.


True, maybe that is why Jesus has not come back again!

If the definition of Christian is a follower of Christ’s teachings; there are very few real Christians in this world. That misnomer should be replaced with what most people that call themselves Christians really are: CHURCHIANS.

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That Dr. Zogby would need to spend time to highlight the hypocrisy of these people - as if we are not already presented with daily evidence of same - is an indictment of Americana .

I remember spending Thanksgiving, 2018 with some Christian Fundamentalists. It was by choice as I had developed a morbid fascination in the though processes of these types and what drove them to function over the years.

Now, here is what I walked away with:

  • Unless one has been part of a Mission, one is not a true Christian;
  • The US Army consists wholly and solely of God’s Children;
  • Ugandan and Haitian are the most deserving of adoption all of Christ’s Children;
  • Muslims - on the whole - are evil but Aye-ranians are a special kind of evil;
  • The anti-BDS movement is fully legitimate;
  • There is much suffering in Venezuela (by now, MSM had begun ginning up Manufactured Consent for enhanced US destabilization efforts there);
  • The Barbary Pirates sailed all the way up to Cork County, Ireland, to enslave maidens, as a matter of course in times gone past - this mentioned by my hosts only as justification for adding Muslims to Kool Aid Instant Death Mix;
  • We must always hold Israel dear in our hearts.

The above as reproduced here is without embellishment - and, to think, all of this in three hours!