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Conservatives Are Fighting to Roll Back Abortion Rights. And They're Winning.


Conservatives Are Fighting to Roll Back Abortion Rights. And They're Winning.

Cecile Richards

When the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a challenge to a strict Arkansas abortion law last month, it effectively made Arkansas the first state in the country to ban medication abortion. As a result, anyone seeking an abortion in Arkansas now has to travel out of state or to Little Rock, where the state’s only surgical abortion provider is located. (Surgical abortion is still legal.)


American Christians made a deal with the devil when they allied themselves with Corporate power. The Corporations care nothing about abortion, other then it denies the system another human it can then subjugate and oppress. But to get that corporate support on these few social issues…American Christians sell their souls and their freedom to the machine.


To all male anti-abortion zealots I ask: “Are you willing to take the coat-hanger challenge?”


There is still that one small scientifically undeniable fact: abortion destroys the existing life of an unique and distinct human being - a being with its own unique genetic identity. Once you decide that it is permissible to kill a unique, distinct human being, you have set a precedent that every war-monger in the world will applaud you for doing.


Ironic (actually more like hypocrisy) that most “war-mongers” are ANTI choice, slowwalkhome.

War mongers fall into two categories…1) military profiteers and their bottom feeder employees who put profit above the lives of unique and distinct humans and other animals, and 2) minnions who swallow the warmongers’ propaganda hook, line and sinker, and are often anti-choice to counter their guilt and for other perverse reasons.


Unfortunately the precedent for war was set way before the first abortion I’m guessing. You can be an anti-abortion zealot (I’m not, but I’m with Trog in that we can have reasonable rules prohibiting third trimester abortions that aren’t medically justified) but there is zero connection between the issues of war and abortion (unless you count the people being raped during a war and wanting an abortion as a connection). If you are truly interested in reducing our contribution to the war carnage, there are several related issues such as the defense budget, our amount of foreign military bases, etc. that you can make a stance on and oppose.


Reproductive freedom is a litmus test for me.


You use the descriptor “unique” three times, and “distinct” twice, to drive the point home—and it might be true in the humanist or biological sense—but it’s irrelevant; to the corporations who call the shots, we, in the immortal words of Howard Beale, are “as interchangeable as piston rods.”

When the US gov’t shows as much concern for the already-born—especially for women—as it does for a fetus, it will begin to approach the moral consistency required for its opinions to be taken at face value.


I would be more sympathetic if I didn’t know you fucks appealed to Trump’s Labor Department to bust the CO PP union that would effect union policies nationally.


Not mentioned is the fact that most of the anti choice faction is also anti all viable forms of birth control. Their actions and policies thereby create the need for more abortions.


Conservatism is a mental illness.


I’m tilting at windmills, but I wish people would stop using the word “conservative” when they really mean “reactionary.”

Conservative means being cautious about change or innovation. Reactionary means to push back against the status quo, wanting to turn back the clock.

The right to an abortion has been the law of the land since the Roe v Wade decision in 1973. That’s 45 years ago. The conservative position on the right to an abortion is to support it.

Opposing abortion rights isn’t a conservative position, it’s reactionary.



You have reproductive freedom. It’s called saying “NO!”

Apparently, when it comes to any form of sex in any fashion, with anyone, Liberals think that the word “NO” is a dirty word.


Anyone who can slice a living human being in to parts and then sell the viable organs on the open market is a sociopath. So is anyone who supports such actions.


Such a beautiful woman. Such a black-hearteded sociopath.


Prevent contraception, raise unwanted children and save the fetuses to be used as cannon fodder later.
Who are the sociopaths?


Unfortunately, that ship has sailed. Conservatives have turned into today’s reactionaries, authoritarians, fascists, theocrats, serial killers, banksters, CEO’s, Militarists, Klansmen, fear ridden, anti-environmentalists, anti-choice, anti-gay, racists, mysoginists, elitists, hypocritical, lying, deceiving, thieving, murdering, warmongering, fear mongering, world destroying, oligarchs, plutocrats, Republicans, most Democrats and golfers. Just ask them what is their political ideology.


It’s probably for the best if you continue to say “NO” to sex.


You don’t make your wrong to be right by pointing out the wrongs of someone else.

There is a way to prevent conception. It is called being chaste, something that went out the window back in the 1960’ with the Playboy Philosophy.