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Conservatives Buoyed by Historic Flood of Money Into Politics


Conservatives Buoyed by Historic Flood of Money Into Politics

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Political spending by outsider groups seeking to the influence the 2016 presidential election is already dramatically out-pacing that of previous years, thanks in large part to the flood of dark money and super PAC cash in support of conservative candidates, a report released Monday from the Center for Responsive Politics finds.


Because I believe that language is important, please stop using the word “conservative” to label far right-wing reactionaries who wish to conserve nothing, but to destroy the very idea of democracy. Calling these nuts “conservative” is like calling Eichmann a camp counselor.


16 million is nothing. Jeb and Hillary have raised 190 million between just themselves…using Super Pacs…


Well, they got the first part of the word correct!


No one else, as far as I know, except Bernie, has a litmus test for future Supreme Court Justices, vote for reversing Citizens United, or don’t get nominated.


Most Americans don’t realize that Big Religion – especially the Catholics and primitive, Bible-thumper Protestants – are huge players behind the scenes both in U.S. presidential politics and in U.S. foreign policy, which explains a lot. U.S. foreign policy, especially in the Mideast, has degenerated into a rerun of the thousand-year-old struggle between Christians and Muslims – and that’s no exaggeration. There’s no way the U.S. would have embarked on the remarkably stupid wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention the later disasters in Libya, Syria and elsewhere – if U.S. policy-makers had not been arm-twisted by neocons who in turn were dancing to the tune of religious zealots. And it’s getting worse – U.S. Mideast policy is so muddled and absurd than many people around the world have begun to wonder about the sanity of senior U.S. officials. That wouldn’t be the case if U.S. foreign policy – and increasingly U.S. domestic policy – were not held hostage by zealots who firmly believe that their imaginary friend in the sky is better than the other guys’ imaginary friend. Fortunately the Russians and Chinese have remained clear-headed and have steered the competing zealots away from wider war – so far. But it’s depressing to see most presidential candidates repeating the ridiculous neocon positions on foreign policy, and it’s still likely that religious zealotry will wind up destroying the world as we know it.


It’s even longer than a thousand years…all the way back to the 640’s when the Muslims attacked the


If right-wing reactionaries, serial killers, violent criminals, theocrats, tyrants, dictators, oligarchs, regressives, mafiosi, sociopaths, psychopaths, stupid party members and others that destroy the very idea of democracy want to call themselves “conservatives”, why shouldn’t we?

“The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”
John Kenneth Galbraith

Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative. John Stuart Mill


I’m hoping he will address many of those concerns.


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IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO ATTACK TRUMP. We must Call 312-588-8000, Crash his phones, Cripple his business, Cancel his campaign, and Repudiate what he stands for.


If we can’t get political campaigns being funded strictly from a public pool, then contributions should be limited to being from people only and the amount that can be donated has a maximum limit. Organizations of any sort should not be able to make political campaign contributions.