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Conservatives May Control State Governments, But Progressives Are Rising


Conservatives May Control State Governments, But Progressives Are Rising

George Goehl, Ana María Archila

In November, conservatives swept not only Congress, but a majority of statehouses. While gridlock in Washington is frustrating, the rightward lurch of statehouses could be devastating. Reveling in their newfound power, state lawmakers and their corporate allies are writing regressive policies that could hurt families by exacerbating inequality, further curtailing an already weakened democracy, and worsening an environmental crisis of global proportions.


It doesn’t look too good from here: Chicago Tribune poll has Emanuel at 51 percent to 37 percent for Garcia with less than four weeks before the April 7 runoff election.


Keep in mind that for the most part papers and tv stations are lying – if enough voters think Garcia doesn’t have a chance they’ll stay home and Mayor 1% really will win again. My gut tells me this is a well-orchestrated bit of propaganda designed to put ‘that one’ back in office. And remember, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. :wink:


Lots of rapists and pornographers claim they love women. Shakespeare asked, “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Any person or politician whose policies show pro-war, pro-corporate, racist, sexist, or pro-charter school “sensibilities” betrays the word Progressive.

We’re living in times of deception so massive that food barely qualifies as such, people walk around with fake body parts, and money–tainted by endless streams of worthless derivatives-based paper, is now increasingly devoid of value. Our so-called Democracy has morphed into an Inverted Totalitarian State. The so-called land of the free incarcerates more citizens than any other land, and its stated ethos of spreading peace and Democracy has become an all-out claim to endless wars.

My point is that given the preponderance of ruling falsehoods and assorted lies told often, HOW individuals self-identify is not a true measure of their persons or acts.


People POLL Progressive on numerous KEY issues. THAT is what matters.


Dems no longer have a super-majority, and Jerry Brown apparently ceased being a progressive some time ago. He not only has no apparent interest in supporting public education, but he is also in the pockets of the prison industry. The prison guards union loves him, and he is shipping some of our surplus of prisoners to for profit prisons. Meanwhile, we have more cities that have laws criminalizing homelessness than any other state. If we aren’t proof that the Dems are doing as much damages as the Repulsicans (my Aunt Rita’s term), I don’t know what is…


The idea that progressives are rising is utter fantasy . . . wishful thinking. Common Dreams and The Nation keep cranking it out to no avail—none whatsoever. In this respect progressives are as detached from reality as right wing republican science-deniers.


"In November, conservatives swept not only Congress, but a majority of statehouses. "

The last time liberals and progressives took charge was during the sixties. Since then, many did the Buddhist noninvolvement thing and let conservatives take charge. Conservatives then doubled down on their authoritarian policies of domination and we are left with the burned out shell of a government and a gargantuan wealth gap.

Voting is the best resource we still have. If we don’t vote, we can’t complain. I don’t intend to sit back and watch conservatives destroy the environment and impoverish the world. My vote is a treasured possession and I will defend it.


Nothing, NOTHING good of any consequence can happen for the middle class and the poor until we get Big Money OUT of politics and return Congress to the will of the people.
Join Cenk Uygar’s organization and join us in making REAL PROGRESS:
I can’t put in a link because I’m new here, but it’s wolf-pac.
We need volunteers to phone voters in other states, maybe your state, but VT, CA, IL (my state) and NJ are already with us. You become part of a team of mostly young people. I’m 71, btw.
It’s EASY, and it WORKS. Just as many Republicans as Dems are anxious to get the money out!


Say what you will but California was the 2nd state, after Vermont, to resolve for an Article V option 2 (we bypass Congress to cure it) convention of states, toward a 28th amendment to reverse C U, McCutcheon, etc. wolf-pac is making real progress in this. JOIN US!


If one remembers , the democrats join the republicans to cut funds to
Acorn and destroy them from helping democrat votes to be informed and
to register and vote in the elections.
This was done on the basic of lies and corruption which came from
O’Keefe’s video , who was sponsored by republicans.
The elected democrats of today do not have and backbone or do they
really fight for US…

The problem is , democrats of progressives are not getting to word to
the democrat voters and others.
The progressives on the internet know what is going on , but the others
which are not on the internet or receive the facts are uninformed.
If you remember , Emanuel also screwed over the progressives when he
has Obama’s right hand man and in charge of the DNC.
As being a real democrat , Emanuel is a joke.

Dean’s 50 strategy won the democrats both the house and the senate in 2006…
Dean’s strategy arguably paid off in a historic victory as the Democrats took over control of the House of Representatives and the Senate in the 2006 mid-term elections

But than came Emanuel and F… it all up with his pushing most of the funds and supports to
war hawks and consevative candidates to win.

October 24, 2006
(DCCC), Congressman Rahm Emanuel, had worked hard to guarantee that Democratic candidates in key toss-up House races were pro-war. In this he was largely successful, because of the money he commands and the celebrity politicians who reliably respond to his call, ensuring that 20 of the 22 Democratic candidates in these districts are pro-war. So the fix is in for the coming elections.

Strautmanis , Emanuel & White House attacks on the Professional Left and anyone disagreeing with them.
Strautmanis criticized the professional left warning those who criticized the Administration, instead of following their policies, would find themselves on the outside.

Hamsher, Norquist Team Up To Call For Resignation Of Rahm Emanuel

The matter of Emanuel’s work at Freddie Mac has been documented in the media. He spent one year on the board of the quasi-governmental agency and pocketed $320,000. The Chicago Tribune alleges that Emanuel’s time on the board coincided with a major accounting scandal at the agency, and that he did little or nothing to stop it.
Howard Dean Should Have Been Obama’s HHS Pick All Along


Heh-I like your attitude-An attitude of HOPE that is sorely missing with the few “common dreamers” left out there…
A small group of true believers can make A difference-History proves this out-


Though more people are seeing the extreme right for what it is, electorally it hardly matters. What are the alternatives within this corrupt system, Hillary Clinton style Democrats? As long as money and corporate backing is required to be elected and as long as the CIA and National Security State is in power voting in progressives is not possible. The only possible change will have to come from united mass citizen activism. On this, cynicism is not only unjustified but crippling. We can and must come together and make the change we need to see. We cannot afford to do otherwise.


And we’re doing that again, stubones49.


Too much negativity here. It comes from disillusion from supporting the Democrapic party - just another servant of the 1%. As Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers so eloquently put it: The two party system, totally controlled by the oligarchs, who fund the only two parties allowed to run for office while the people are manipulated by fear to vote against their interests in a mirage democracy of rigged elections, is a complete dead end for the rest of us. Leave it behind.

The tide is turning and true progressives have a lot to be optimistic about: Kshama Sawant has been an openly Socialist member of the Seattle City Council since 2013, the first since 1916. She immediately began campaigning for a $15 min. wage. Everyone agreed this was crazy and impossible. But today it is a fact, and not only that, the conversation about minimum wage has gained momentum around the country. Obama even jumped on the bandwagon, although in a milky toast sort of way. Jess Spear, also a Socialist, garnered 16% of the vote running against the incumbent Washington State Speaker of the House.

Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins got the highest vote total for a leftist candidate for governor of NY since 1920.

Classification of the internet as a type of service governed by common carrier statutes has gone from an “impossibility” to a fact.

Mario Cuomo has banned fracking in the state of New York.

How did these things happen?

  1. By continuous mass participation on the ground by committed individuals. For instance Cuomo has stated that he banned fracking mostly because everywhere he went, he was faced with anti-fracking protestors. He couldn’t get any other message out. So finally he had to relent.
  2. By keeping the moral high ground, and not accepting crumbs thrown our way by political toadies for the 1% and their faux-progressive toady organizations (MoveOn, American Progress, HCAN, Healthcare-NOW, etc).
  3. By Organizing and Emphasizing our role as change agents for the people.

Remember: This is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. We won’t see quick results, but we are on the right side of history.

Don’t listen to those that say there is nothing we can do, so we just have to accept our fate. That is the current flavor of the month for ‘post-moderns’ who would like for you to believe that trying to change anything is naive and possibly even dangerous.

What’s dangerous is listening to them. Don’t do it.


Thanx for pointing out that “can’t win” dynamic … how it functions to keep folks from participating and how devastating it can be - that is precisely the meme i see being pushed so often, on “prog” sites as much as, if not more than, others, re 3rd parties …


Seems to me it is time. past time, for progs to dumps Dems and go 3rd party - e.g. Green, why don’t they?


Are you kidding? !7% behind a single candidate in the general election would be momentous …


No, doesn’t matter until they take it to the electoral polls …


Good for you! - But methinks it is more important for whom you vote than that you just vote … The LOTE meme has been sinking us for decades now - time to vote the same at the electoral polls as we do in opinion polls … If we did that we would have a Green gov’t - LOL!