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Conservatives Plot Their Course on the Rising 'Sea of Red' in State Capitals


Conservatives Plot Their Course on the Rising 'Sea of Red' in State Capitals

Robert Faturechi, Pro Publica

Shortly after the November election, with the nation’s political attention focused on the Trump transition, an influential advocacy group met outside Washington to discuss how to leverage the extraordinary shift of power to Republicans in the rest of the country.


It's time for another kind of rising sea of red-Socialism.


The Democratic Party establishment that engineered the trump regime win are also plotting their course to remain in power and stymie demands for real change reform of direction and issues.
HRC said yesterday she might again run for high office.

The reforms demanded by millions (a long shot) led by the progressive Sanders Wing to be a real opposition party, not another "centrist" arm of the plutocracy and corporate/banker war-machine must fightthe DNC/DLC Clinton-Obama cabal of DINO sellouts if there is to be any change worth the effort...........window dressing and BS will not cut it!


Hello Robert Faturechi and Everyone, The greater the success of the right the faster the destruction of the US. There is no fix for the destruction of the US which will generally follow the path of other EMPIRES! We are all doomed. The one shining light is that we may not destroy the rest of the planet with our permanent INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!! The US in now the largest OUTDOOR and INDOOR INSANE ASYLUM this planet has ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think that believing fake news from right-wing rags like Newsmax is part of what got us into the trouble we're in.


They are all excited now, convincing themselves they can just change any policy or law at their will. Not so.
We knew going into this past election we would have to fight both the Rebugs and Dems. It won't be a walk in the park for them as we've already seen with the Ethics and healthcare attempts.
They will try everything but it doesn't mean they will get everything. We have the numbers on our side, they will soon see just how angry this country is.


I agree - The statement on Hillary's possible intentions I heard first broadcast on NY network radio - forget which, maybe the WQXR affiliate (about all I listen to) - most MSM media regardless of leanings, also cannot be taken as gospel by any stretch...but.... I do agree with you that fake news is an obvious threat and right-wing blather should be avoided and not taken seriously, although a broken clock is accurate twice a day...........even trump made some few (very) statements that seemed more or less reasonable...most were delusional ego-driven blather and dangerous rubbish.

My comment was really to keep focus on reform, and not allowing "normalization" of continued "centrist" DLC Dem sellout attempts to hold on to power from/by the likes of the Clintons/DNC-DLC faction, etc. Keep the faith......


On a positive note, please see http://www.occupy.com/article/indivisible-practical-guide-resisting-trump-agenda … for #Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda Step-by-step for individuals, groups & organizations—how to get Congress to listen…

On the other hand, CommonDreams.org needs an editor who can spell 'capitol' !!

If you aren't reading down our Tweet list, you're missing out... https://twitter.com/NineInchBride


'DeCesare said. “This is our time to shine.”' Shine to who? Out of all of this, I'm not 100% certain who they are showing their behavior to.
..."and threaten to pull funding from schools that are perceived to be limiting discourse." What if the students wanted to limit discourse, or where found to be 'at fault'? Where does the students go if they made their schooling theirs and funding was pulled?
"ALEC’s fight to preserve anonymity for donors to politically active nonprofit groups at the state level." + 2.5 million votes not counting = ?


You are correct here, another example, I detest Hannity, but that didn't stop me from listening to his interview with Julian Assange because he, Hannity, is a right wing nut.


I cannot read all these nauseating pieces that depress me and make me more angry with the democrats. ALEC has been around since the early 70's and what have the dems done? Nothing or next to nothing. Howard Dean's 50 state strategy was a good start and then was it the Florida senator who dropped it or someone before that. Howard Dean was shunned by DNC and the press did a number on him with the Dean scream which should of got them in trouble but no one followed thru pointing out that all the networks edited the loud crowd that he was shouting over. Disgusting.


I wish all that was true but with our lamestreet media who are scared of Trump and make billions off his tweets. Then there are the lame democrats that bring a rubber knife to a gunfight. Their all in it for themselves. Progressives are not heard except on a few sites that no one but the choir reads or listen too.


Maybe they will all drown in the sea of wet dreams they are having. :wink:


Gosh, why won't all those powers help progressives be progressive? It almost like they don't want to!


Emphyrio, please, Newsmax? Ed Klein?


It's already happened in Wisconsin under koch whore Scott walker and his minions. The people who vote for these extremist right wing Alec puppets are so foolish; wages are lower, roads and budget in shambles, public education under attack, anti worker legislation enacted, environment and state parks endangered, etc but oh yeah, they "saved" $12 last year on their property taxes. Funny thing is under these aholes the government is not at all for "the people" but for corporations and the gain of individuals like walker, but so many citizens just do not see it or are in denial or just stupid.


What is it that makes this kind of stuff progressive? This is one of the doomiest and gloomiest places. I'm going to go out and do something incrementally worthwhile. See y'all later.


I don't listen or watch any right-wing con blather - never read anything from newsmax - the link was only to provide a source (any source) of what I heard on network radio (or TV) yesterday - I forget exactly - that HRC was contemplating aother run for high office - sometimes right and or left media will publish when centrist or MSM will not until they are forced to.

It was the intention of Clinton for more political/party influence and her ego-driven ambition I wanted to spread - to urge others to challenge any normalization and continued influence by the Dem establishment, the Clintons, Obama, DLC/DNC wing that are desperate to hold onto power and not cede any to the Sanders progressive reform movement.......as I wrote i another answer, "even a busted clock is right twice a day"..... although the con/right-wing/trump regime probably much less than twice a day. Keep the faith!


I was dumbfounded when Walker survived the recall election. I suppose it was a kind of harbinger of the Trump erection as co-leader of the world with Putin. It is so depressing to understand that somewhere around half of the people are "just stupid," or perhaps even something worse than that. And it is also so depressing to see so many equate d and r as both evil. Instead of working to make the democrats better, I fear we will continue the "sea of Red." Of course we are just one step above monkeys ( I don't mean to disparage monkeys).


Oh Jesus. Hillary ain't running again. She'll be 74 years old. Maybe for other public office, but I think we can all admit the campaign took it out of her. Are you going to quote my article on partical physics and elf displacement to prove your theory of psychic transit too? Because that's what Newsmax is worth.