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Conservatives Spent 2020 Accusing Facebook of Being Biased Against Them, but Engagement Data Tells a Different Story

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/04/conservatives-spent-2020-accusing-facebook-being-biased-against-them-engagement

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Quit calling Republicans and other fascists “conservatives”.

Ever since Raygun ran up more debt and deficit than all of his 39 predecessors COMBINED while growing the number of federal employees to and all time record (mostly to accomodate military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) corporate welfare expansion), Republicans demonstrating conservative actions has been few and far between.


Good point rdc.

However historical fascists fit the definition of “conservative.” Fiscal responsibility for conservative politicians in the U.S. has been as aspirational as the liberals calling themselves the political party of the working people. See how many investor programs compared to labor programs on broadcast media or in cyber-space are underwritten by liberals. And I mean Neo-Liberals.

That most of our fellow citizens don’t know that the Reagan-Bush campaign tacticians Frank Luntz and Ralph Reed worked to substitute Cold War weaponized Neo-Liberal E-Conomics into the MORAL MAJORITY\CHRISTIAN RIGHT IDENTITY package they manufactured and sold is better known in rapidly shrunken Liberal Arts Poli Sci courses than out in the Wage Slave Work Force.

They brought into the voter ranks all the apolitical U.S. Amuricans dissuaded from voting for so long by preachers calling out the swamp and cesspool of Pay2Play U.S. Electoral and Policy Politics.

The social conservatives of the Moral Majority\Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist Right wing had often been a couple generations back organized workers whose union wages up until the 50 years of Wage Stag-Nation allowed the 2nd and 3rd generations going to affordable Public Universities and Community Colleges to IDENTIFY more with Old Money Republican Conservatism. That Media Image constantly reinforced the MERITOCRACY MYTH, about how working hard in the U.S. offers opportunities for upward mobility. Those were different times that got some measure of such truth out of that nationalistic myth of exceptionalism.

Today’s generation and the last lost 2 decades of DOWNWARD MOBILITY DEBT SLAVES. Especially if in addition to Wage Stag-Nation, Food Stamp-Nation and Indoctri-Nation they borrowed to get that college diploma or a computer programming degree. Meanwhile the Gig E-CONomy, out-sourcing, off-shoring, de-professionalizing and part-timing administrative and bureaucratic work as well as back-breaking and herniating manual labor for the monopoly-building food retailers like Kroger, Wal-Mart or Cerberus Holdings hollowed out U.S. Aggregate Demand from the Consumer Engine driving our economy.

Vulture Fund dba Cerberus Capital Management L.P.
~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerberus_Capital_Management bought up the rest of the already consolidated major regional and coast-to-coast big box retailers and grocers that were not owned by the Cincinnati concentrated wealth Kroger Empire and the Walton Family controlled Wal-Mart.

Cerberus bought up the Safeway, Albertson’s and Mervyn’s chains that over the previous four decades of comatose Anti-Competition\Anti-Trust Law Enforcement that is a hallmark of the ideology named Neo-Liberal E-CON but in fact embraced by the most cut-throat conservatives in the annals of White Collar Crime and Professional Immunity policies by non-prosecuting Public Prosecutors.

Most all regional grocery and big box retail competition got slotted into these big 6, while Sears got looted by its own CEO Fast Eddie Lampert whose Finance side-business was lending Sears money it couldn’t re-pay as retail was starved of competitive supply and stranded in dying ghost malls. Why would someone want to lend so much to a dying heritage retailer out of step with the times? Next to the feds and the Catholic Church, Sears may be the biggest owner of real estate in the U.S. Retail depreciates. Heritage Real Estate not so much. Corporate Looting isn’t just a left-wing protester slogan. It is a major U.S. business model that is not only perfectly legal, but Presidential candidates like Mitt Romney are quite proud of sliding through the revolving doors of government into the Executive Suite of these unregulated HEDGE and HOLDING Companies along with Romney’s BAIN CAPITAL and other VULTURE FUNDS. Now that is how Social Conservatives bought into NEO-LIBERAL E-CONOMICS as weaponized by Shrink Big Government and Privatize every asset and service once administered by government Milton and Rose Director Friedman and their Chicago Boys who’ve planned our FREE MARKET DEMOCRACY for…coincidentally the same period of time as U.S. WAGE STAG-NATION and the rapidly shrunken working middle class. All as wealth has concentrated globally into the fewest hands and bank secrecy accounts quantified since the Feudal Lords owned the rest of us including the founding Fathers of the U.S. Revolution

Another REVOLUTION THAT WAS NOT TELEVISED. LIKE THE NEO-LIBERAL E-CONomic REVOLUTION THAT PALEO-CONSERVATIVES GLADLY DEFECTED TO FROM THEIR RHETORICAL CORPORATE AND FINANCE PERCHES THAT ONCE PROCLAIMED "AMERICA FIRST" while merging with the BUSINESS DNC to sell off Made in U.S.A. manufacturing and shifting investment from the Fruit of the Loom mills of the Carolinas to whatever Latin American or Maldive or Asian sweat shop the machinery could be moved to.

The non-regulated Hedge and Venture Funded trade school chains that went belly up during the Obama-Biden years like IT&T or CORINTHIAN COLLEGES whose investors sought Corporate Bankruptcy Protection (that isn’t available to the fleeced student borrowers of federally guaranteed loans and for all intents and purposes now constitutes the first Indentured Debt Bondage slaves since pre-colonial times in North America). With Obama-Biden and their cabinet full of Wall Street Apex Global Raiders deferred their own infrastructure campaign promises in favor of off-shoring to pluck up low-hanging fruit for the Duopoly’s base drawn from the INVESTOR CLASS and the DUPED REST OF U.S. condemned to life on PLANET OF THE CLOCK PUNCHERS.

See the seeds of TRUMP UNIVERSITY and the last 4 years of SCAMMERS TECH where like the IT&T and CORINTHIAN COLLEGES investor financed and massive profits taken the rolling coast-to-coast folding campuses as the investors sought Corporate Bankruptcy protection. Meanwhile the students left holding an empty tool kit and worthless diplomas and certificates representing years of impoverished study in the hopes of stepping up into the rapidly shrinking Middle Working Class that their parents often had a BIG GOVERNMENT helping hand to enter. Those kids watched Slick Willie Clinton blow sax on Late Night TV and recalled the House of Clinton evening news TV speeches about all the free training that would turn Working Class Amurica into the Entrepreneurs and Managers of the New Global Order that both Bill Clinton and his GOP televised debate rival George HW Bush agreed on. Thank God for the big-eared self-made on BIG GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS TEXAS CONSERVATIVE ROSS PEROT as only that last THIRD PARTY CANDIDATE to make the televised debate cut, independent ROSS PEROT pooh-poohed the Duopoly’s selling of NAFTA as some sort of panacea for the already shrunken to Third World proportions North American Working Class with the soon-to-be-destitute Mexican subsistence small farmers were depleted in rapid post NAFTA fashion and accelerated the massive migration cross the border to El Norte.

Over a hundred college campuses closed down coast to coast. Taking the value of their certifications and degrees with them, but leaving the DEBT BURDEN that on federal student loans is dorm room to the grave.

These dynamics are a direct result of a set of doctrines and dogmas that tax-payers funded during the Cold War using financially bankrupt Communist Empires as our DESIGNATED ENEMIES. Neo-Lib E-CON doctrines and dogmas that seek always to SOCIALIZE the RISKS & COSTS while PRIVATIZING THE PROFITS supplanted during the Cold War the unifying doctrine and code of all major world faiths and philosophies, namely the GOLDEN RULE. Cold War weaponized Neo-Liberal E-CONomic PRIVATIZATION and CONSOLIDATION was being sold to the world, even the ascetic scriptures loyal pious masses as Corporate Efficiencies. Their contributions to the hollowing out of our now SPECULATION FINANCE-based economy of a dying EMPIRE, where like most dying empires the core or homeland has been hollowed out so that the capital investments could go to the colonized and occupied peripheries. Here we were during Obama-Biden-Rahm Emanuel’s push for tax-payer subsidized CHARTER SCHOOLS and the closing of PUBLIC SCHOOLS even in such impoverished Chicago neighborhoods where the old dilapidated school buildings being bull-dozed had been the only recreational places to keep kids off the streets and in trouble.

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)
Media Discussion List and Looksee

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just like with the main stream media that they keep claiming has a liberal bias but is really very right wing-it seems that when the Republicans talk all they can do is obfuscate and lie–the truth would be the death of that party

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