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Conservatives Want to Cut Medicaid. If They Were Serious About Creating Jobs, They’d Expand It


Conservatives Want to Cut Medicaid. If They Were Serious About Creating Jobs, They’d Expand It.

Livia Gershon

Sepia Coleman says she’s crazy about her job.

“I love people,” she said. “It’s like a gift, a passion.”

Coleman is a home care aide in Tennessee, helping older and disabled people with daily tasks like bathing and cooking in their own homes. Over the 20 years she’s been on the job, she’s learned about golf by taking a client out to play, gone dancing with another, and listened to others talk about their travels around the world. She takes special pride in helping the men and women she cares for stay in charge of their own lives.


Trump May 2015
"I was the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid" he needs to be held to it.


When were Conservatives EVER "serious about creating jobs" ?


If our Government (Remember 'Of the People, By the People and For the People'?) actually worked for the benefit of Us Citizens then we would have Healthcare and Education, to the Highest Level, as a Right of Citizenship.

The memory of FDR, (his 100th birthday in Reagan's 1982 went completely Uncelebrated and Unreported) and his desire for all Americans to enjoy the Four Freedoms ( of Speech, of Worship, Freedom from Want and Freedom from Fear), has been beaten down along with the idea of a Comfortable, Secure and Righteous life for all of us.


in a recent paul street discussion i commented on fdr's four freedoms:

for some time now i've kept the following fdr declaration in my files.

FDR’s four freedoms:
1) Freedom of speech
2) Freedom of worship
3) Freedom from want
4) Freedom from fear

which of these things is not like the others? the answer is #4 because fear is an emotion. every animal feels the fear impulse! in fact fear can be a life-saver. the idea that government has the power to abolish a natural and universal emotion leads unwittingly or not into a protection racket. we already live in a police state--supposedly for our protection. the nsa follows our every key stroke--supposedly to keep us safe. empire america goes to great tax-payer expense to fight "terrorism" all around the globe--supposedly to maintain national security. our government via the corporate media threatens us daily with new boogieman scares. do these tactic tamp down fear or stimulate the fear emotion in order to keep the munitions factories humming?


Unfortunately, the mantra of many capitalists, Repubulicans, and their ilk is "let em struggle every day". According to the "free market" ideology, there is profit to be made off of the suffering and sweat of people like Sepia Coleman.


Right. They're not serious about creating jobs. They could not care less.


Why was maya ever invented? Even the dudes that went straight to the steel mills outta high school in the 60s had a disadvantage. They thought a little box on the hillside was the be-all/end-all...and were programmed to believe a big bright green Torino would bestow happiness. But since the 90s many can't even get the dough to buy these items; because, with herd-like gullability, they accepted the promise of financial services jobs for all.

This piece by Livia Gershon stresses the reality that even my favorite economists don't stress enough (Weisbrot, Hudson, Kuttner). Even Google puts low priority on the phrase "new New Deal" [Google Advanced Search]. I know there's more out there it's not pulling up [every few months it pulls up less on the phrase].

OH THE MAYA! We'll all live like supermen and superwomen forever.

We'll work for Goldman Sachs. We'll sing the hit. We'll shoot hoops for big bucks. We'll pen the tome. We'll pen the blog.

8 yrs ago "Obama and the New Deal - what might work now?" sfgate dot com http://www.sfgate.com/business/article/Obama-and-the-New-Deal-what-might-work-now-3175627.php

Simon & Garfunkel - Big, Bright Green Pleasure Machine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MW8EH1OcbHQ


FDR also said that we have nothing to Fear except Fear Itself, and I remember when that was an accepted truism, and source of strength, in our Country.

Nowadays, it's Our own Government that our Citizens must fear.

Especially if we don't Go Along.


What I believe, Ithurielspear, is that those in these occupations have been made scapegoats...in as much as they have "failed" to attain jobs on Wall Street or with Goldman Sachs or with whatever hedge fund wherever. They have failed at becoming "symbolic analysts." They have failed to pen some big deal blog. They have failed to become Prolefeed superstars, or runners up, or to become a recognized commentators on Prolefeed stars. This is one of the craziest ideologies that an educated class was ever hornswaggled into believing...as the very zealous believers themselves will suffer physically and psychologically (psychologically in today's society) when those who deliver care to them end up scarce and broke down. Great post, spear!


"Coleman currently makes $8.25 an hour"

And yet I made $8.35 back in college days (1980's) working for UPS part time, moving boxes full of stuff and helping the big brown trucks take baths.

Once again, capitalism shows us what is most important: things--just stuff---neither people, planet, nor other living things.

But nobody explained capitalism as clearly as George Carlin:

"That's the whole meaning of life isn't it, trying to find a place for your stuff. That's all your house is, a place for your stuff. If you didn't have so much goddamned stuff you wouldn't need a house. . . That's all your house is, a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff."

George Carlin, Comic Relief, 1986, RIP


Very funny and insightful that Carlin was.