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'Consistent With a Mass Extinction': New Study Warns Climate Chaos Driving Rapid Decline of Bumblebees

Just not the same now that we can’t click on a link. Oh well never mind. And i never did see any reason why this is so.

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There are cougars living in these mountains and they are well known for eating domestic cats. Snack time! And dogs now and then. And I’ve seen wildcats, the furry eared bobtails. The coyote packs are scattered around but the local song dog pack that comes by here or nearby enough to hear them most nights is probably 20+ dogs strong. Wolves have shown back up, not many, but some, drifting in from the Canada, Idaho, and Montana packs. There used to be none and the local ranchers are having fits especially sheep. They shoot both and just bury the bodies telling nobody. Radio collars on some of them that get smashed to bits or thrown in a fire I’ve been told. One adult female was hit on the 2-lane 395 highway at Loon Lake a couple of years ago.

Personally, moose are scarier. They have real bad attitudes, they are always pissed off about something it seems, and they’ll charge and stomp ya into tapioca pudding. One needs to take care to look around and SEE what is nearby when going outside around here. Day or night! I made that mistake once when walked off the front porch steps and made the left around the house corner towards the carport 15 feet away (it was raining) early one morning and walked right into a very pregnant momma moose who was as shocked as I was. Amazing how fast one can back up the steps without turning around…


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Very interesting, wish I had more time for a longer reply. I live in an country/urban environment with remnants of wildlife. Very thought provoking.