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Constituents to Senators: Reject Fast Track, or Don't Come Home


Constituents to Senators: Reject Fast Track, or Don't Come Home

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With the U.S. Senate expected to take up Fast Track, or Trade Promotion Authority, on Tuesday, the stakes are high for progressives who oppose pro-corporate trade deals.


They WILL pass fast track. They WILL go home. And they WILL (mostly) be reelected. The electorate with an attention span longer than a fruit fly will chant “Go Bernie Go!”.
The rest of the men will spend whatever indignation and righteous anger they may feel on sports talk radio and action movies.
The rest of the women will get absorbed in celebrity gossip, social networking, and Martha Stewart Living.
JEB!, Hillary, Joe Biden, The Donald and the remainder of the clown posse of presidential wannabes will get very busy changing the subject and getting ready for the roll out of their “rebranding” in time for the convention miniseries that will fill the dog days and nights of July and August of 2016.
We are spoiled children pointing the finger of accusation at others and refusing to accept responsibility for who and what we have become. Such is the state of the distracted and dis-United States of America.


"If approved, Fast Track will indeed grease the skids for approval of the Trans Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and others just like them, because that is what Fast Track is designed to do. Thumbs up, thumbs down, no amendments. "

This is the usual smoke and mirrors nonsense. And the usual suspects are falling for it. This “battle” over fast track authority is nothing more than a distraction from the real issue. Any and all trade agreements will be passed eventually. It doesn’t matter if our King rams them through or if our corporate Congress does. As a matter of fact, there is a case to be made that we would be better off letting the King do it. Do we really want our crooks and liars in Congress to have a chance to add amendments and make the things even worse than they are?

The notion that denying the King unilateral authority to approve trade agreements is going to help us out in some way assumes that we live in an actual democracy and that our Congress will be looking to protect our interests by debating and amending these agreements. Really? Get a clue.


Reject Fast Track, or Don’t Come Home, has a nice ring to it. It brought to mind those dear Spartan mothers who told their sons, “come home with your shield or on it.” I’m afraid the consequences won’t be so draconian for the Senators who vote for TTP. However, if the activists pull this one off, it sends a pretty strong message that something is stirring out in the hinterlands, west of the Hudson, east of Rodeo Drive.


Senators gunning for TPP don’t need to “COME home”, they ARE home inside the beltway where a K Street job (paying way more than their current federal salaries) awaits them when they leave Congress.

The chances of Patty Murray changing her vote (when she has zealously rubber stamped every “trade agreement” from NAFTA to TPP) is less likely than me finding 4" diameter gold nuggets when I dig my spuds next month.


Tyrant, perhaps. King?

No way. What is regal about him or the office?


The only fast track we need is high speed trains.


No, we are not tired, this particular issue is several years old and is simple totalitarian corporatism evolving toward the apocalyptic corporatist system finale, as designed; a final lawless cannibalistic orgy of growing faster and faster to infinity until one corporation wins and owns everything.

There are many other considerations Monsanto/BlackWater wants to buy Syngenta and Amazon will buy them both for better position on Canadian TarSands, before being swallowed by the Health Care Monopoly, HCM Inc.

Real democracy is like a flower growing through self made cracks in pavement. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, first light is barely beginning to show. This is not tiring, it is exciting.


Ah yes, the Senators from Boeing, the Senators from Raytheon, the Senators from any billionaire corporation that will buy them.

  • Between them and my little fascist alleged representative, I might as well be living in 1930s Germany.
  • The Junkers buy the government and the government protects the Junker’s profits.
  • Nothing ever seems to change except we get poorer and more regulated daily. And, don’t piss off a cop!


Pass Fast Track, you pieces of s**t. Show us your colors. Toto, pull down that curtain, again and again, and again.


we are worse than nazi germany.We are the evil empire and unless Americans wake the fuck up we are doomed to multiple wars for profits to the bankers and the elites pillaging until they flee when the cash is all gone.


I already told my Senators if they vote for TPP I wont vote for them


First, when the House did their bait & switch,
Obama said he wouldn’t sign TPA without TAA.
Then, after his TPA passed the House,
he ‘‘changed his mind’’ and said he would sign TPA without TAA.

liar, liar, pants on fire!


Fast Track and TPP Would make Wall Street happy and workers miserable. What side are you on?


A dissident against the Empire from Vietnam times to the present, watching so many times the eagerness with which elected officials from the President on down betray their people and their country it is hard for me to avoid a feeling of vindication. In fact, I have a lot of trouble avoiding saying “I told you so.”
So now I’ll say it anyhow: I told you so. You are suffering the well-deserved fate of the true sucker, seduced by scamsters who are both smarter and less principled than yourselves, who are now intent upon delivering each of you into the same corporate servitude which you have allowed them to spread throughout the world.
Could not happen to nicer people.


Methinks the French Revolution was more grass-roots than the American Revolution,
but eventually, the plutocrats and corrupt politicians retook the French government.
The Russian Revolution yielded to Stalin and now Russian-mafia-capitalism.
The Maoist Revolution yielded to the current central-government controlled capitalism
(but they do execute corrupt government officials who get caught)

I keep watching South America for some kind of breakthrough;
so I’m not sure how it all plays out for the American empire;
revolution or collapse with social turmoil in the streets,?
maybe a longer lasting ‘‘Occupy’’ movement
– but we do know that if voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.


Cosmic powered consciousness expressed as human is a major portion of Big Still Banging.

Democracy is merely one tool used by cosmic powered biology expressed as human.

Big Still Banging is accelerating, it is a great cosmic surfing spot for many sorts.


One of my socialist friends says Trotsky called for continual revolution,
but I don’t know how that would work from a practical standpoint.

If we give Republicans full control of the government, that would bring
a quicker collapse than corporate Dems dragging their heals for
the eventual total & complete ‘‘1984, Brave New World,’’ corporatocracy.


… to run down our elected terrorists??? :wink:


Compared to these people, cockroaches are noble creatures who don’t deserve being slandered like this. It’s interesting that people are compared to non-humans when discussing the bad things that only people do. Just saying.