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Constitution Pipeline: ‘The Keystone Pipeline of Natural Gas’


Constitution Pipeline: ‘The Keystone Pipeline of Natural Gas’

Ted Glick

“This Constitution pipeline is about enriching a few billionaires by impoverishing the people of New York State,” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. told Ed Schultz on MSNBC’s The Ed Show. “And the bullying that we’ve seen go along with this, the corruption—FERC is really a rogue agency, it’s a classic captive agency, it issued this permit illegally.”


In keeping with consistency, and his ostensible purpose for posting…

Whoazzer could not be bothered about the acts of the Frackers or their agents in government, and what these joint covert efforts mean to the overall sustainability of ecosystems.

Nope, again (as he did in another thread with 3 attacks on Naomi Klein) it’s his PURPOSE to shoot the messenger. And so the holier than thou Whoazzer here does his best to slime Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. who’s done more to uphold wise environmental laws in an hour than Whoazzer has done in his entire lifetime.

Disqus may have flown the coup, but the usual trolls have found their way back in. Why wouldn’t they? In this age where Booz Allen contracts for both military and corporate “needs,” those with I.T. training are wise employment choices. They can “do it all,” push the necessary inversions of narrative, Talking Points and all, and work the I. T. Magic that allows them to sail effortlessly through the filters in place primarily to keep the Koch Brothers paid pundit types out of open discussions.

Maybe Tom Carberry got a better gig elsewhere… so someone else had to take his place.