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'Constitutional Crisis Already Here': With Mueller at Risk and Free Press Attacked, Warnings Trump Era 'Entering Dangerous New Phase'


'Constitutional Crisis Already Here': With Mueller at Risk and Free Press Attacked, Warnings Trump Era 'Entering Dangerous New Phase'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After President Donald Trump tore through a "red line" on Wednesday by immediately replacing a fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions with Matthew Whitaker—a fervent loyalist who has openly called for the defunding of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe—lawmakers, legal experts, and progressive analysts a


Nothing to worry about - Trump is just imitating his good friend Putin. Ho hum, just another day at the totalitarian office.


So what’s the plan to stop Trump? Another useless Rally? Yeah, that ought do it.


Whitaker is going to read Mueller’s report and it will be like “damn, I didn’t know the rump was this corrupt. This goes beyond even my limit.” Well, we can only hope.


No, no! Please understand! The Dems won! They’re going to reign in Trump, stop global warming, protect biodiversity from the sixth extinction, neuter the MIC and redistribute that treasure to infrastructure and a Green New Deal, provide health care (including reproductive rights) and education for all, redistribute wealth from the 1% back to the 99%, reform campaign finance laws, end racism and the drug war and mass incarceration, fix immigration, honor the Fourth and Fifth Estates, break up Facebook and Amazon, and re-build Yemen and Syria and Iraq with a Marshall Plan that reestablishes respect for the USA. Then they’ll find an uber-candidate for 2020, win, reunite our divided populace, and everything will be fine after that! What can stop this blue tsunami now? Kumbaya!


So here we have “progressives” calling for hitting the street in defense of the noble Meuller w/o regarding his life as FBI Director, corporate attorney, Republican and volunteer officer for “service” in the U.S. wars in Southeast Asia.

To wit:

  • He grew up in a wealthy NY family and attended elite private schools.
  • He volunteered for the Marines and served in Vietnam as an officer, showing incredible personal courage, but never questioning the war or his role in it.
  • A lifelong Rethug, Bush 2 appointed him to head the FBI a week before 9/11. According to Wikipedia, he ignored FBI agent Colleen Rowley’s warnings about the upcoming attacks
  • He oversaw the FBI during the first years of the Patriot Act, the so-called GWOT, the renditions, torture by FBI and other police-state agencies, repressing anti-war activists, criminalizing Muslims and people from the Mideast in general, going after Julian Assange, etc.
  • He then became a corporate lawyer and academic, with A-list clients including Facebook, advising them on “cyber security”, et. al.
  • He is a multimillionaire

Yes, there is a Constitutional Crisis in the U.S. It began after WW2 when the Congress passed the National Security Act formalizing the national security state and HST signed National Security Directive No.1, guaranteeing presidential dictatorship by fiat.

A lot of us have been on the streets and in the courts fighting the NSS in many ways. Out of respect to the many martyrs of those fights – some of whom were murdered by the FBI, others who were imprisoned, others who had their lives destroyed and were unable to find work and/or personal peace – I refuse to roll over for this lib/prog mania. I refuse. I say…



If you’re so smart, what is you idea to stop the destruction of democracy in this country?


Reich sez: "In less than 24 hours after the midterms, Trump has already:

  1. Ousted Sessions, installing a lackey at the Justice department."

Wait … Sessions WASN’T a lackey?

“2) Berated the press.”

Wait … doesn’t this happen EVERY 24 hours?

“3) Attacked House Democrats.”

Wait … this is new?


Seems obvious this is a cover-up but what is Trump most afraid of, going to jail, loss of his phony financial empire? Everything points to the Trump gang working closely with Russia and even working for Russia. Since I think most of his supporters like Russia and want the US to be more like Russia loss of political support may not be what Trump cares about. It is very encouraging that the Democrats won back the house despite not taking more seats because of gerrymandering and doing so well at the state level but this is a dangerous situation as it appears we have a president who is trying to protect himself as well as Russia from Americans finding out the truth about how he became wealthy after going bankrupt and how he won the election while ignoring a host of American norms for behavior of presidential candidates.


He’s not even hiding it. The DOJ is turning into a presidential protection racket. Noted conservative lawyers like Jack Goldsmith, who served in multiple Republican administrations, recognize the dangers this presents. But here in the magical fairly land Left, installing Trump-partial loyalists in DOJ is all good because Clinton blamed the Russians for her loss or some such.


shades of nazi germany! WAKE UP DAMN DEMOCRATS.


We need a DOJ head like Eric Holder. I wonder what Holder did after leaving the DOJ…

I wonder what Holder did after leaving the DOJ…


Tom if you are right, and you could be, this conspiracy could have begun long ago around the JFK era with Bush one in place, and has morphed into what it is today as new characters have been added to the cabal. And if that’s the case Mueller’s playing us out as long as he can and then pardons will be issued and all the new rich folks will ride off into the sunset. But I think some are too greedy and want to finish the game. Bolton is probably stomping his feet in the oval office trying to get his war. And the rest of Trump’s playmates that have yet to enrich themselves want their slice of the pie before the dust settles. Why do you think all of these muckety mucks have these (I know something you don’t know) smiles on their faces all the time? Just a theory. Chew on it.


Republican politicians let Trump in. Republican politicians let Trump stay. That is who they are.
A RICO operation.


Sick of hearing what Trump has done and got away with already. Aren’t all of you?


15 years after the USA Patriot Act nullified the 4th Amendment, and 10 years or so after Congress nullified Habeas Corpus to much fanfare we suddenly have a constitutional crisis? Many more years of Congress utterly ignoring the War Powers Act and we suddenly have a constitutional crisis?

Good riddance to Jeff Sessions the backwards bigot who helped pass legislation attacking the US Constitution.

Are they going to make Mueller a cabinet level officer? How many more years of futile silliness will it take for otherwise intelligent men to understand the Russians didn’t steal Hillary’s election?


Wow - the unhelpful no solutions nuts are out on CD today…


It’s not so much a conspiracy, but confluence of interests that organize to achieve their goals. It so happens that their interests and goals are those of the 1% – not the rest of us.


Yeah, gotta love all the little DO SOMETHING’s who cannot stop themselves from whining, no matter what. I have also noticed, they usually got nothing and cannot admit that. We all have to face the fact that we do not have a strong enough defense to legally fight 45*POS and whatever he chooses to do. With the GOP complicit, at least we can stop some of the shite coming out of Congress.


Just beyond ill at the knowledge that we have NO DEFENSE against him, short of a civil war. And that may come yet.